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It seems to you that you did your best and yourA small apartment can not give you anything? Our selection of niches and corners will help you understand how much untapped territory is left out of your attention

We so often complain about our small apartments,That sometimes we do not notice the obvious things. For example, we have plenty of free space that can be taken into circulation, and the very non-ergonomic architecture with a bunch of corners, inconvenient pockets and niches is in fact a real gift. Our today's selection, perhaps, will prompt you to review your established views and as a result of your own interior, which, we assure you, is capable of more.

Functional hallway is actually enough in allOnly a niche depth of 50 cm. Do not worry about an ultra comfortable comfort seat with a soft back, enough to make it easy. But we fill the space up to the ceiling with shelves and drawers, we highly recommend that they will not remain empty.

The reading corner is, in your opinion, unattainableluxury? By no means! There are among us such tenants who constantly complain about long corridors, unnecessary turns and - well, again - niches with windows. Well, why are they in the corridors, then? That's just for this - to retire with a book on a tiny sofa, which, by the way, can be equipped directly on the windowsill. Related articles

Have you always dreamed of a bar, but planned to equip it only in the penthouse of your dreams? Why wait? The bar needs a niche depth of centimeters 40-50, can not there be such a cot?

What Europeans call a corner forBreakfast in Russia is called a lunch area. A small table, a couple of chairs or a small sofa. A mandatory attribute of this corner is the opportunity to contemplate nature in one way or another.

You study or work, a corner with a table forComputer and chair you need in any case. The key to an ideal space of this kind is the lightness of the construction, the shades to the tone of the main palette of space and the ultimate functionality of each part.

Do you work at home? Then the question of functionality will have to be approached with the greatest aspiration. We would recommend ordering the complete set with a table top, shelves and drawers for an experienced carpenter. But even this option will require serious preliminary preparation - detailed calculations and a comprehensive understanding of the idea.

There are such craftsmen who are also a washing machineOver a toilet bowl, and a full laundry in the usual niche for a wardrobe suit. And if the first sounds at least controversial, then the second one really wants to be called genius. Related articles

Many people dream of hiding a bed around the corner. Of course, the first children on this list. The desire to create your own "house" is irresistible and, no matter how we try to equip the nursery as an adult, with a bed in an honorable central place, they will always be in favor of a "kennel". Well, we will look for ways.

A dressing table is not a luxury, but a harsh oneFemale need. Particularly relevant is this detail in the houses, where apart from the woman somebody else lives. Why? Because everyone needs the bathroom, and if the woman does not have a dressing table, the household will have to accept the permanent state of "late". How to save the situation? The principle is roughly the same as with the workplace - custom carpentry plus a mirror and comfortable chair. Well, the presence of a niche will not hurt, of course.

A large bathroom is an undeniable happinessFor any member of the family. However, this happiness often overshadows the layout. If your bathroom is an irregularly shaped space with inconvenient "pockets", where not only the shower cubicle, but even the toilet can not stand up, think about planning the next storage system. In a niche it will be the same place.