10 brightest apartments in 2015 -

Still doubt that bright shades are appropriate in the interior? Our selection will dispel the last doubt. We are counting on this very much

This year we saw many original and memorable interiors. We present the brightest in this collection.

This one in Paris is home to a young gallery owner,therefore, in addition to a purple sofa and a plaster moose head, on the balcony here you can find many interesting art works of a very different content. It was they who became the main source of the interior mood.

A brutal, eclectic loft with elements of the East and a motorcycle in the middle of the kitchen. Strange? But how cool! In addition, this is the work of a Russian designer.

Interior madness, eclecticism, brought to the point of absurdity, a horse, bathed in white paint, a "hand-held" chair and an abyss of modern art objects - all this you will find in

Organic, bright, thoughtful. We like every cup and chair here.

How do radio hosts live? Bright, joyful and original. yellow walls, pink sofa and green carpet.

This apartment has three main colors - white, red and blue. And also a living wall and a fireplace right in the kitchen.

This one is located, oddly enough, in Khimki and is an excellent proof that even small spots of color on a white background look bright, original and extremely expressive.

Bright, doorless with the British flag on the living room floor ... Who lives here? You will soon find out.

In only four colors, but such! White, gray, blue and yellow are the most trending colors and, as it turns out, look great together.

Is it possible to make a family interior with a white kitchen, a black wall, a green sofa and a polygonal decor?