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What can be in common between a restaurant with a goodKitchen, theater with a magnificent setting, a museum with world-class masterpieces? The answer is simple: a premise that unites any public buildings and institutions - a bathroom. From its kind and quality in many ways depends on how impressed people will leave the building. Understanding housewives will say: it's better to save on furniture in the living room than on the sanitary ware in the toilet. Now about the level of service in this or that institution, not least judging by the interior and the plumbing in the toilet rooms. That is why in all the most famous public places in the world, the sanitary equipment of ladies' and men's rooms is given paramount importance. In this sense, for example, the Singapore airport has something to offer its passengers.

Toilet as a keeper of traditions

Some public toilets mayUnusual appearance and original design to compete with famous sights. For example, the toilet room of the Shoi Tabuchi Theater from the American city of Branson was designed in accordance with the traditions of the construction of latrines in the palaces of Japan of the late XIX century.

Closet in the form of an orange

In Tel Aviv you will easily find much neededPublic institution on the street, as the rooms for the closets are made in the form of an orange. The fact that one of the most necessary places for tourists and sometimes townspeople not to hide shyly, but on the contrary, to make visible from afar, has its own logic.

Bathroom with a zebra on the wall

Walls a la zebra - this is how the toilet was designed in one of the restaurants in London, considering that in this form the "calling card" of the institution will be the most memorable.

Combining business with pleasure

And in another restaurant, also London, while at the urinal, a person can admire the night view of the city. This, too, probably will not soon be forgotten.

Toilet in the open air

At the airport in Stockholm, it was decided that it would be more pleasant for a person to imagine that in such a piquant moment he is in nature. Our opinion: - Having conceived the repair of the toilet room, do not try to make it extravagant. First of all pay attention to the normal operation of ventilation and quality plumbing. All the finishing materials in this room should be easily washable.

Toilet on board UFO

In Hong Kong cabins of public toiletsAre in the form of capsules-eggs. It is rumored that such a project was inspired by the author of fantastic films. In any case, visitors inside the capsule can easily imagine themselves on board a UFO.

Toilet behind the transparent door

Bar, located in the Soho area of ​​New York,Is known for its unusual public toilet. The toilet cubicles are made of transparent glass. But as soon as the visitor enters there, nothing can be seen through the glass from the outside. However, as they say, many still do not go into the booths for fear that the technology will not work and someone will shoot them on the mobile phone at the most crucial moment. And this despite the fact that for all the years of failure there has never been. Our opinion: - If you want to equip your toilet room with some kind of gadget, let it be a sensor that reacts to the heat of the human body or to the weight: you enter - the light turns on, you leave - it's dark. There will be no need to constantly scold the household for the unobserved light.

Red in red

Red walls and red plumbing - just like thatLooks like part of the Eiffel Tower's washrooms after a recent renovation. All colors, especially red, were not chosen by chance. When the designers were working on the project for the reconstruction of the "Iron Lady", as the Eiffel Tower is also called, it was decided to choose the Venetian red as the main color - it was used when the monument was unveiled in 1889. In this form, the Eiffel Tower stood for the first 13 years of its existence. And now, after reconstruction, white equipment has been installed in the bathrooms of the pavilions on the first floor of the tower, contrasting with the red walls. And on the second floor, plumbing was installed to match the walls. By the way, all of it is from the world famous Spanish brand Roca.

Toilet as a work of art

In the center of the arts of the city of Sheboygan in the USA forThe decoration of the toilet rooms was hired by six artists - to perform unique paintings. One of them was made in the Delft style by the artist Anne Aegi, who used white and royal blue tiles. Now the center has become much more popular thanks to the toilets.

Closet in a drop of rain

In Gdansk, a public toilet was made in the form ofSpreading raindrops. According to the specialists of the design bureau, where this project was designed, in this form the public building fits well into the architecture of the city, and visitors like it. However, most still prefer the usual,Beautifully finished bathrooms with good plumbing. As, for example, in the airport of Seoul or in Moscow Sheremetyevo. By the way, in Sheremetyevo you can get acquainted with the best samples of sanitary ware collections of the world famous Roca brand. At the airport in Seoul