Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

The 10 steepest small apartments published in 2014

Are you still afraid of small size? Our selection of the best and smallest apartments is already in a hurry to shake your mind. After reviewing each of the 10 apartments we picked up, you will probably reconsider your attitude towards small-size houses. A small-sized one is not a tragedy. We are sure that it is in the cramped conditions that the most original ideas are born. And in proof of this we present you a collection of real examples of small apartments in which you want to spend your whole life.

1. 25-meter apartment with a cozy bedroom and a dressing room

In this Parisian young couple lives, and in connectionwith this designer had to meet the demands of two at once. As a style decision, an unexpected symbiosis of industrial and vintage styles was chosen. Calm colors and classic forms coexist here with factory lamps and chairs. For the bedroom there was a tiny place, in which, however, managed to equip the dressing room.

2. How to make a tiny studio spacious and light

In this everything is simple - a restrained gray palette,a few bright accents and furniture, which performs several functions at once. In the closet there is an office hiding, the bed falls directly out of the wall, and you never guess where the dining table hides. In our opinion, this is one of the best ways to use the possibilities of a small apartment. In the "assembled" form the apartment looks quite spacious and bright.

3. How to equip an apartment just 16 meters

Love black, but you are afraid to usehim in his little piece? Take a look at this. Stylish, original and not at all dark! Of course, it is obvious that there lives a lonely bachelor, but, despite the clear "male track", it's still very cozy here. The residential area is a very small space with hidden storage systems and a bed suspended directly above the front door. The soul here also has a place to take away - the terrace is at least quite small, but very cozy.

4. All functional areas on 8 square meters

Well, what can fit? With proper engineering equipment and mathematical accuracy, such a trailer can be turned into an architectural analogue of a Swiss knife. From one easy pressing from the wall, a table with chairs falls out, a staircase with bookshelves, a wardrobe and even a whole bathroom. The question remains: how much did the cost of an apartment differ from the cost of finishing?

5. Two-storey 22-meter apartment

This in New York belongs to the professorcollege, and therefore desperately needed a library. Of course, 22 meters, and even on two floors, not enough to even create the necessary zones, but for the library a place still found. On the second floor there is a bedroom with the same library, and the first designer managed to organize a kitchen, a living room and even an office. And you say - small-sized ...

6. Africa and Scandinavia at 45 meters

designer Alexander White (Alexander White) asas if trying to answer the question of what is common between Africa and Scandinavia. In general, there is little in common between them. However, in a competent combination, the African ethno and Scandinavian style look very much even nothing. The freshness and dynamics of this interior, along with the original forms, perfectly cope with the task of "diverting the eyes" from the main shortcoming of this space - its small size.

7. Micro-loft: 40 meters on two floors

We are used to the fact that the loft is aA space the size of a basketball hall, framed by brickwork and external wiring. However, many of this style is so fond of it that recently it has increasingly found its embodiment in seemingly utterly impossible incarnations. As, for example, a small apartment, divided into 2,5 levels (let's not forget about the tiny terrace) received a modern minimalistic finish and a generally simple layout. Designers quite interestingly solved the issue of lack of space for storage - all things were distributed in the sections of the stairs.

8. Odinushka in Soho with unusual zoning

The main accent of this is a sculptural object inits very center, where behind the curtain walls is the entrance group and the bathroom. On both sides of the central composition is a free zone, where at least dance, at least push back, and a bedroom consisting of a bed, a lamp and a ficus. The ascetics-originals will be definitely appreciated.

9. 42-meter apartment in New York

The main feature of this is that it is removable. The owner had to create his own coziness and place accents. In our opinion, everything was possible, even though the owner used the most favored way, far from Russians, for him. Most of the furniture in this apartment is distributed along the walls. However, despite this, the interest looks quite cozy and even original. The secret here is in the brick wall and the original rack that echoes its originality.

10. How to fully live at 16 meters

Do you want to visit the head of an architect? Check out this designer of engineering systems for Boeing. A real labyrinth of consciousness at 16 meters and three levels of living space. The approach to zoning in this apartment is, of course, unusual, and not everyone can enjoy it, but if low ceilings and bicycles hanging under the ceiling do not bother you, we advise you to take a very close look at the experience of the owner of this apartment, who, incidentally, designed it himself interior.