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10 most interesting facilities for children on your site

Your children are constantly sitting behind the tablet or theyare so mobile that they do not let you do business? Arrange for them in the suburban area special places, so that they actively and cheerfully rest on the fresh air. Here are some ideas Do not know what to do with your child? Does he constantly sit at a computer or tablet? Or, on the contrary, he has nowhere to put his energy? It's time to create conditions for active rest of your child. The villa site is the best for this purpose. Let's see how it can be organized.

1. House on a tree

Probably, there is no child who would not dream ofsuch a wonder house. To invite friends to spend the night, hide or just dream in a place where no one will disturb you. Of the minuses - the complexity of the design and the need for a large and strong wood.

2. The wigwam

The game of cowboys and Indians is popular to this day. Many children imagine themselves to be residents of the Wild West and enthusiastically shoot from bows and imaginary revolvers. All that is necessary for the construction of the wigwam is a few even long poles and cloth.

3. The tent

This is the simplest version of the summer shelter foryour child. The tent is quickly mounted and easily dismantled. It is ideal for those who do not want to bother with something more complicated or do not have time for it. It's enough just to go to the store and buy a favorite tent. Although it will not be difficult to do it yourself.

4. The Swing

Great entertainment for children of all time. The simplest design makes the swing available to every child. To build them, you need to have only a support on which you can hang the seat (with this role a great tree will cope).

5. Inflatable swimming pool

All children like to splash in warm water, so installing a swimming pool on the site will be a joyful event in the life of both your child and his friends.

6. Funny starts

Children's playground with hedges, stairs,The walls for climbing and other obstacles are excellent for hyperactive children. Do not forget to just look after them so that they do not get injured.

7. The twister

Parents who do not welcome active restor who do not have enough space on the site to accommodate facilities for it, can set aside a small area for quieter entertainment. Time-tested "Twister" will be a way out of the situation. Why not draw circles right on the grass?

8. Above the clouds

The favorite entertainment of the younger generationthere was, is and will remain a trampoline. Located in the backyard of your house, it will become the envy of not only neighbor children, but adults. For today, trampolines are very popular, which are installed at ground level.

9. Young cooks

Create a children's kitchen in your area -A proven way to take your child's time. All that is needed is a set of old dishes, a table, access to water and a sunshade. And the sand and mud will be excellent ingredients for the culinary delights of the little chefs.

10. A table for tea drinking

Each princess dreams of a place whereyou can arrange all your dolls and plenty to give them tasty tea. It will be necessary to put a large umbrella, which will cover all this suite from the scorching sun rays. By the way, a beautiful table with chairs in the photo - from IKEA.