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10 most romantic houses of 2014

No matter how much we loved the loft with the guild tables,industrial lamps and lovingly cleaned brick walls, and lace napkins, forged frames for photographs and embroidered pillows are still nicer. Before you are the 10 best houses of 2014. Minimalism is, of course, fashionable, but not everyone will want to meet studious winter evenings, sitting on a designer plastic chair, with fading hope peering into the illusory "flames" of a flat electric fireplace. Remained still among us fans of hardcore eternal values ​​with carved chairs, embroidered tablecloths, knitted plaids and sparkling flames in the smoky hearth. This hopeless romance is dedicated to our today's selection.

The most beautiful house near Moscow for sale

celebration of dreams and sweet dreams.There is also the deck of the ship, and the tomb of the princess, and real royal chambers in chocolate shades, and even an Italian street with paving stones (well, almost). Are you feeling sad already? People live! But no! The house is looking for new owners and is ready to accept you along with all the belongings even tomorrow. Pack your bags.

Very very big house

The keyword describing this is "expensive."However, the luxury here is not at all pretentious and completely devoid of vulgarity. Soft shades, properly selected textures, a moderate amount of glossy surfaces, coupled with impeccable finishes, make this house a dream for any girl / girl / woman. Let's be honest: it will be us, the girls, who will be most comfortable here. Well, the boys with generous humility will accept our crystal dreams and quietly equip themselves a refuge in the attic.

Stable for collectors

Eclecticism, classics, factory industrial andsurprises at every turn. What is this ramantic, you ask reasonably? Yes all! Vintage pieces of furniture, languid paintings from the beginning of the last century, floral prints and homespun rugs. How else did you imagine being in love with art? Pay attention to the bright walls of the hallway and corridors. Invigorates, right?

House for three generations

Romance of unpainted boards and creamy shadesworks in both spacious and very tiny rooms. The secret of this is in soft lines, natural materials and pastel palette. It seems that here even no one listens to music loudly. But in such interiors, romantic dinners are probably served, on weekends they watch their favorite films in large companies, and with the arrival of cold weather they prepare incredible mulled wine. This must be what happiness looks like.

How to create an atmosphere of coziness and romance in two counts

Can romance be bright?And a rich red color, can it become soft? How do you like the idea of ​​an orange living room? In this you will find a lot of bold and at the same time practical design ideas with rich shades. The secret of this interior is in soft textures and subdued light. In bright daylight conditions, you can slightly reduce its degree with thick curtains. Try it.

How to make a guest house

Do you love Provence as much as the mosthopeless romantics of this planet? If the answer is yes, then this one, in which you want to settle forever, you will surely like it. Beauty and tenderness, lavender walls and beams, forged furniture and brass lamps. Everything is here! And even the pool. Eh ...

House in the village of Deauville

The secret is in the ornaments.The combination of wallpaper pattern and textiles acts as a softening element for sometimes heavy antique furniture. A few vintage details further dilute the composition, lending warmth and rustic romance to the setting.

The ironic alteration of the estate of the century before last

What is the price of romance devoid of irony?The designer and owner of this house values ​​history and humor most of all. How can this be combined? Very easy. It is enough to create, add a few touching nostalgic details based on the past of the place where you are going to spend the next few years, and then scatter a few interior jokes. Plastic trophy heads in the lobby gently hint at a walk in the woods (in our case, snowy), and the leopard carpet on the stairs does not let you forget about the real happiness that inevitably comes to us every year. About what? Summer, of course!

Repair can be entrusted to a woman

This is perhaps the most New Year's in our collection.Country, French Provence and red accents create a festive yet homely warm atmosphere. And if you pay attention to the finish, you will come to a very optimistic conclusion about the budget of this suburban beauty. Who would have thought that a simple painted lining could look so organic.

Work on bugs

This one has a difficult but happy fate.The designer who created an atmosphere of lightness and transparency was actually working on the mistakes of the previous designer. But this is not its most important feature. The idea of ​​decorating with tourist trophies is filigree in this interior. Therefore, if you have become the proud owner of a constantly growing collection of gizmos brought from different parts of the planet, take a look at this house.