The 10 most unusual apartments we wrote about in 2014

Can I live in an apartment 1 meter wide? Is it possible to build an attic on the roof of two houses at once? What time can life cost over the clouds? To all these questions you will find the obvious answers in our hit parade. The narrowest, brightest, most expensive and simply strange apartments - there were plenty of them last year. In this collection we will present the 10 most-most!

1. How to place the whole apartment at 14 meters

The width of this one is only 1.2 meters, and the total area anddoes not exceed 14 meters at all, but everything you need fit here and even a little more. Of course, it was not possible to accommodate a full double bed here, but a fully equipped and quite comfortable office appeared.

2. How to make an apartment in the attic

Have you often come across apartments with a bed in the living room?We had to, and more than once. But we have not seen for a long time. This apartment is located in the attic of a very old building, and the owners were desperate for free space. The decision did not come immediately, but it turned out to be the most reasonable one. The designers made the interior architecture of the apartment the main highlight of the space - all the interior decoration is built around it, and it is she who, at the right time, distracts attention from the meager footage.

3. Fiddler on the roof: the London loft musician

This one is located on the rooftops of two buildings at once.There is a girl in it with a whole list of talents and two cats, but the most interesting thing here is the way of zoning. The level changes at every step, furniture flows from room to room, and a staircase can even replace several functional areas at once. A miracle, not an attic.

4. Interior-transformer

That's really real!All functional areas are tied here to one curious idea - three movable modules. Just imagine: slightly move the bookcase - and open the world to a kitchen ready for the most daring culinary experiments. One more move - and the bedroom is ready to give you the sweetest dreams. Do you like moving furniture? This interior is for you. Don't get bored for sure!

5. Apartments in the kitchen

At this Taiwanese House Design studio, the mainthe emphasis is on the owners' greatest hobby - cooking. The kitchen here has become not only a semantic axis, but also a center of attraction for everyone entering the apartment. The living room together with the dining room and kitchen in this interior is one single space. Thanks to which someone can cook, someone can watch TV, and someone can feast on the delicacies stored in the refrigerator, and at the same time the whole company can communicate with each other. As for the unusual, there are more than enough of them here. How do you like the metro mint shade? It goes well with the yellow legs of the kitchen island, doesn't it? Have you ever seen such a variety of wall finishes within one room - glossy surfaces, brick, concrete, tiles and natural wood? No? We, too.

6. Vintage apartment with a "black" course and a lot of mirrors

The obvious advantage of this, of course, wasstrange but very effective combination of loft and vintage style. The brick walls of the pre-revolutionary house comfortably accommodate classic forms, expensive textiles and nostalgic details. In our opinion, it turned out stylishly, luxuriously and homely. Brick in this case does not even bring in a shadow of rudeness. Quite the contrary, the walls transform this cleaned interior into a "living" home with a history and an extremely curious future.

7. Apartment for 95 million dollars: for which such money?

And it's true that you can buy for such a roundamount? Seven bedrooms? Stylish design? Prestigious area? Yes, all this really costs money, but the view from the window is still more expensive, and in it is completely priceless. Have you ever seen clouds right outside your window? No, they are not on top. Below. This apartment is located in a penthouse on ... 96th floor.

8. Crazy loft for a crazy english couple

Rusty metal, in our opinion, is hardly possiblecall it a material suitable for finishing. But true professionals do not eat their bread in vain. In front of you with the ceiling turned inside out. Rusty metal panels are scattered across the ceiling and, surprisingly, wonderfully coexist with glossy surfaces and natural wood. It turned out spectacularly.

9. Black in the interior

What do you associate black with?With fear, uncertainty and emptiness? It's time to change the associative array, from now on black will become your standard of style and taste. Thanks to the skillful work of designers with textures and geometry, it does not look gloomy at all. Black here shines with mystery and luxury. The rough textures of raw stone coexist with marble and mirrors, expanding, breaking and multiplying the space. Yes, beauty can be like that.

10. Surrealistic apartment for a young couple

Have you been to India?Exoticism awaits there at every step and even in homes. This is a vivid example of the patriotism and courage of its creators. On the one hand, there is an obvious national flavor, on the other, surrealism literally flows down the walls. However, despite all the fantasticness of the space, the interior turned out to be extremely functional. A separate pleasantness is an abyss of ideas that can be safely applied even in the conditions of our northern latitudes.