10 most useful master classes in 2014

Last year, we learned how to createunnecessary and worn out things beautiful and fashionable interior items: tables, trays, lamps and much, much more. Today we have collected the best master classes that inspire you to exploit. We often see fashionable designer objects in interior magazines, which, it seems, can only be dreamed of. The key word here is "it seems". After all, everything that looks expensive and difficult, in fact, is easily and quickly created at home from improvised materials. Do not believe me? Take a look at our selection.

How to make a table on the bed

Brass items are especially popular now.This one has brass legs and handles. The base is a well-polished, most common board. Such a table is assembled quickly and quite simply, but the joy of having breakfast or working at a computer right in bed will bring a lot.

A vintage globe in 8 steps

Decorative globes are now at their peak of popularity,that's why they are quite impressive. But this state of affairs is not yet a reason to deny yourself beauty. In this we will tell you how you can create a real piece of interior art from an old educational globe in no time, which will surely find its place both in a modern, minimalist or Scandinavian interior, and surrounded by vintage or even classic pieces of furniture.

Pendant lamp from glass jars

You are already captivated by trendy lamps, stylizedfor kitchen utensils? Do you want to create the same masterpiece with your own hands? Ours will tell you how to make a trendy thing from ordinary glass jars. Simple, exciting and very beautiful. And when you're done, you can safely rank yourself among the friendly structure of furniture designers.

Floor hanger, which can be done in 20 minutes

And again brass.If the bedside table is already ready and you want to support it with something just as simple and effective, try making it. In the future, it will be possible to hang out sets of clothes planned for a week on it and finally free chairs from robes and pajamas.

The golden moon on the wall

Remember the famous hit about “naturala satellite of the earth with a shade of the spring sky ”? We suggest that you settle something similar at your home, only more original. Your guests will be delighted to the core when they see this on the living room wall. And after the first gasps and sighs subside, solemnly announce that you are the author of this miracle. And enjoy the reaction.

Original designer lamp from cans

Remember how at one time we were the whole countryenthusiastically cut jewelry out of plastic bottles? Did you also think it tasteless? Ours has not gone far from the idea of ​​waste-free production, but the result of the most simple manipulations will be the most curious lamp. Even from a tin can.

Homemade bedside table-swing

We continue to refine the bedroom.You, of course, have seen spectacular bedside swing tables in Scandinavian interiors? They probably impressed you, but they seemed like something unattainable in our reality. We hope this one will dispel your doubts and encourage you to create your own masterpiece of minimalistic design.

Effective wall lamp in 5 minutes

, this time the wall, we offer youmake of several elegantly curved sheets of Whatman. Strange as it may seem, such an impression will produce the most impressive impression. Especially when the light is on.

The suitcase is turning ... into an elegant coffee table!

Do you also have an old suitcase on the mezzanine? Not even one? Very good! Do you want to get one? Then look for a drill.

"Light up" the interior: a homemade luminous inscription

We bet you have several stored in your home at once.garlands? One is probably working, but old, the other is too annoying, another is a favorite, and the last one was a gift. Choose the one you don't mind and give it as a fashionable lamp.