Top 10 design hacks for the hallway -


They say you'll never have a secondopportunities to make a first impression. This also applies to the first room of the house - the hallway. Are you afraid that the clever design effect will spoil, for example, the clutter that is natural for the place where you are going to go? Take advantage of our design hacks Hallway problems are varied. First of all, here you need to organize convenient storage of shoes and outerwear. Prevent the accumulation of little things - keys, mail, otherwise you can easily lose something important. Add light - it is often dark in hallways. Add Space - The entrance area can be tiny. Finally, let your guests know what awaits them in your home and create a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

Isolate the dirt

Label clearly the boundary of the zone, which is not worth itLeave in dirty shoes, so as not to cause your displeasure. Let it be a bright mat, large enough to change shoes on it without any inconvenience. Another option is a tiled area, which is easy to clean. In wet weather, a tray filled with simple pebbles can be placed at the door - here the wet boots will dry.

Convenient storage

If there is not enough space for a full-fledged cabinet,You still have options. A vertical floor hanger will only take a corner. A hook can be hung on a different level and turn them into an element of design. The main thing is that they are strong enough and withstand both a light raincoat and a heavy coat. Authors - Tvoy Designer Studio

Prepare for the rain

The umbrella stand doesn't seem like it at first glance.But its addition, firstly, will make you think before leaving - am I ready for bad weather today? Secondly, it will provide a place for drying a wet umbrella when you return to a dry warm house. A couple of spare ones can be stored there for forgetful guests - the weather is unpredictable.

Organization of important trivia

The problem with the type of small things thatAccumulate in the hallway, is that this is a very important little thing. Letters that you were going to take with you and send along the road, but forgot, accounts from the mailbox, which would be nice to pay as soon as possible. It is necessary to provide for them a place - it's easier than to deal with the consequences of unsent letters and unpaid bills. Store such papers in a basket or attached to a cork or magnetic board.

Key moment

That's exactly what you do not want to lose amongTrifles in hallways, so these are the keys. Surely there is not even one bundle here, let's count: spare keys, keys from the mailbox, neighbors' keys to the apartment, who asked to water the flowers while they are on vacation, and so on. Organize the housekeeper - a nice purchase or homemade. Or at least put a special basket.

It is impossible without a mirror

Mirror - the most important, perhaps, the element of the hallway. Even the outer clothing can be stored, for example, on the balcony. But do not have the opportunity to look at yourself before leaving - then put yourself in order, looking in the tiny rearview mirror in the car or catching on themselves the astonished looks of fellow travelers in public transport. Not to mention the importance for the decor of the object, which increases the amount of light in the dark corridor.

More light

If there are no windows in the hallway, then the light gets thereOnly from neighboring rooms. Strengthen it - hang two small lamps or one, but bright and unusual. Highlight several areas, such as the entrance area and the mirror. And think about lamps with photocells reacting to movement - so you will not stumble in the dark, going out into the corridor at night.

Living decor

Nothing creates a relaxed and communicativeAtmosphere as well as living plants and flowers. To arrange a green composition directly in the hallway and set the tone of the evening at once is a great idea. Just keep in mind that most plants need much more light than in a small standard corridor. But a bouquet of cut or even high-quality artificial flowers will please your guests - and you too.

The art of hospitality

Another great way to set the mood from the threshold is- a bright attractive accent in the design of the hallway. For example, a picture or a poster. Such a color spot attracts the eye, evokes interest and generally allows guests to relax and feel at home. And you will be pleased to see a valuable item for you every day first thing on your return home.

Entrance door

People living in apartment buildings do not evenwill think of decorating the door from the outside. But why not draw attention to her from the inside? often determines the overall mood of a space. Paint it a bright color, decorate it with children's drawings or paint it with a slate-effect paint, draw unusual patterns with chalk and write shopping lists.