Convertible Furniture

10 compact pieces of furniture for a small apartment

Today we will tell how to fill everythingnecessary miniature housing without taking up too much space. Create an interior project, which will be all that the owners dreamed of, in a small house is very difficult. But it is possible. And this problem is quite easily solved with the help of compact furniture. So go to the store for it - it will be an incredibly successful purchase!

Convenient kit

This folding table is perfect for a tiny dining room. It can be put in a corner or even stored in a pantry.

Bottled wine storage rack

Wine racks are not so popular because they take up a lot of space. This is not entirely true. For example, on such a rack you can store up to 24 bottles of wine.

Folding table

With a slight movement of the arm the regiment turns into ...turns ... into a great workplace! Agree, a very convenient design, not only for a small apartment. Such a table, perhaps, there is a place in any house.

Poof with storage

Excellent leather ottoman, inside which you can arrange a variety of different things.

Acrylic folding table

Simple, stylish and practical item. Laconic design allows it to fit into absolutely any interior.

Corner shelf

Let's give battle to empty corners! This shelf is very practical and functional, and its refined, but not striking appearance makes it universal for a room made in any existing style.

Corner Cutting Board

There is never enough space in the kitchen. This clever thing will help save precious space. The board is easy to install at any angle.

Wall table

Such an accessory is useful in a small room where there is not enough space for a desktop. When folded, it looks like a wall cabinet.

Compact computer desk

A set of two components. Modern design is organic.

Acrylic Table Set

They give the room lightness and airiness. Significantly save space.