The interior of a small kitchen

10 tips from the designer how to equip a small kitchen

Once Upon a Channel Home Interior Designer KerrDrummond in the SOS Kitchen TV program shared his secrets on how to create space in a small kitchen. And today we will consider all the tips of this wonderful designer.

1. Kitchen measurements

They are considered a very important part in creatingextra storage space. There is a zone called “work triangle”. This is a sink, refrigerator and work surface. All of them should be located close to each other. Tall items should be installed in the corner, in the niche or at the end of the tabletop. Otherwise they may cast unwanted shadows. Design services are not as expensive as they seem. But with it you will have the kitchen of your dreams, which is suitable for your budget. And also you can simply change such elements as facades and handles.

2. How to save space

When it is impossible to make a room physically largeryou can do it visually, and also make a few changes that add more freedom. For example, the doors can be replaced with thinner elements, or you can choose furniture that is smaller in size, but also functional and roomy. If you remove the refrigerator from the corner, and determine a place for it under the tabletop, then there will be additional space that can be occupied by the table.

3. Angles

Corner objects are a great idea to saveplaces. For example, lockers can accommodate much more than you think. And some accessories can be placed inside such corner boxes. The main thing is to measure the dimensions of the handles and the distance to them in the open position so that they do not damage the adjacent cabinets.

4. Bright colors

They are necessary in any living room, and with their help you can decorate anything. Even if your kitchen has a snow-white shade, you can very easily add all sorts of little things in bright colors.

5. Sink

If your sink must be near the window, it is best if it is just below it. And no less important - there should be more free space next to it for dishes.

6. Dishwasher and washing machine

They should be near the sink. The sink itself can be moved without fear. This is not a big deal. Take into account the moment when the doors of the machines will open, they should not interfere with the passage into the kitchen.

7. Refrigerator

Larger ones take up too much space, so avoid them. It is best to choose a small size, it will take less space and it will be much easier to find a location for it.

8. Moving or hiding the flow heater

The boiler in the kitchen always interferes with the design. Before you do something with it, you need to consult with the manufacturer. It can be hidden in a wall block - a neat solution. And it must necessarily come air.

9. Extractor hood

It is important for this room, without it in any way. But you need to take its purchase with full responsibility. It is believed that this type of technology is most prone to breakage. Therefore, it is best if you have warranty service. The designer advises not to dwell on the outdoor installation, but to choose a built-in or mounted one, since this object is not constantly changing.

10. Electrics

Sockets are an integral part of any home, and infeatures it is needed in the kitchen area. You need to discuss their location with the electrician, and start a sufficient amount of wires. The distance to it from the table top should be at least 15 cm. Provide this work for a specialist.