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10 trifles from the IKEA store that will transform your bedroom


The bedroom is the place where we relax both physically and mentally. Sometimes, in order to completely relax, we lack some small detail ... What? Read about this in our material

The bedroom is perhaps the most personal space inhome. Italian architect and designer Claudio Silvestrin called it “the only place in the house where the feelings of partners oscillate between ice and fire, intellect and subconsciousness, sleep and reality” ... And it doesn't matter, huge or tiny, in their own apartment or in a rented - the main thing is that coziness and comfort reign in your nest!

But sometimes we want to change something, notcardinally, but just a little ... To mark a date, refresh feelings or just remind a loved one how much we love him. Then you should look into IKEA stores, where you can always find furniture and 1,000 more pleasant and incredibly useful little things that will help you easily achieve the desired result. Our review contains the bestsellers of the famous Swedish store 1. Bedding set SNYUGGIS Price - 1 299 rubles. R. And we offer to start updating the bedroom with bed linen! Perhaps this is the easiest and fastest way to update the interior, giving it a mood suitable for the occasion. On the eve of Valentine's Day, our attention was attracted by a cute set from the new series SNYUGGIS with the telling name Love is in the Air ("Love is in the air"). The set includes a duvet cover and two pillowcases. The number of items in the series is limited, so hurry up! 2. Curtains LANGOR Price - 1,799 rubles per pair. R. These touching LANGOR curtains from designer Nina Aalto are a reminder of the joy of night dates and the bitterness of daytime partings. Hang these in your bedroom and you're in a good mood! By the way, the curtains are equipped with special holes along the top edge, which will allow you to hang them directly on the curtain rod. 3. Plaid STOCKHOLM Price - 1,799 rubles. R. What could be nicer than the embrace of a loved one? Is that a warming blanket STOCKHOLM made of soft, fluffy mohair. And in the company of both of them, your winter evening will be the height of bliss! 4. ODUM carpet Price - 1 999 rubles. R. To somehow brighten up the early morning awakening, lay the ODUM rug by the bed. Its long and dense pile will not only greet you with enveloping warmth, but also absorb loud sounds so as not to disturb your loved one’s sleep ... 5. KNUBBIG table lamp Price - 399 rubles. R. The round table lamp KNUBBIG made of white frosted glass, decorated with floral patterns, will fill your bedroom with soft diffused light, leaving most of the interior in a mysterious twilight. The lamp itself is small (height - 13 cm, diameter - 11 cm, weight - 0.5 kg), so you can put it on any horizontal surface: tabletop, cabinet, dressing table, shelf, console or decorative wall ledge. 6. Hanger SNYUGGIS Price - 699 rubles. R. Stylish LOVE hanger made of metal covered with white paint will not be superfluous in the bedroom either. You can hang clothes, pajamas, negligee, plaid, bag on it ... but you never know what else you can attach to it! And the inscription will constantly remind you of your love. Wall hanger with hooks - also from the SNYUGGIS series and came out in a limited edition. 7. Vase LOVLIG Price - 169 rubles per piece. R.

Vases are always needed, especially such cute colored onesbabies 26 cm high! You can put flowers in them or just place them in empty niches, on shelves or countertops. For a special effect, arrange them on different levels (on the floor, on the coffee table, on the windowsill and on a high-hanging shelf). Play with flowers to make your interior more interesting and elegant with LOVLIG vases. 8. Electric garland SNYUGGIS Price - 299 rubles. R. For a special occasion, a garland of white or pink hearts is sure to come in handy. Its soft light will help create a romantic setting. Moreover, you do not have to adjust to the outlet - garlands from the SNYUGGIS series operate on a battery and are equipped with LED lamps that consume a minimum of electricity and last 20 times longer. The length of the garland is 3.8 m (20 lamps). 9. Scented candles LUGGA Price - 299 rubles for three pieces. R. When creating a festive or romantic atmosphere, candles are indispensable. Even not burning, they can transform the interior, and as soon as they light up, your bedroom will be filled with a magical play of light and shadow, immersing you in a world of dreams, tranquility and tranquility. The choice of candles in IKEA stores is huge, so everyone will find suitable in color, size, aroma ... We also liked LUGGA shaped candles with a rose scent (three pieces per pack), burning up to 30 hours. 10. Lantern for a GOTTGER candle. Price - 1,499 rubles. R.

Some candles in themselves look spectacular, andOthers better "embellish", picking up for them an original candlestick. In addition, that the color, shape, size and style of the candlestick will add to the interior of the bedroom of completeness, it will also help to support the candle and will not allow the melted wax to dissolve. We could not pass by the tracery lantern GOTTGORA. Creating it, the designers Johanna Asshoff and Hannah Broughard repeated the pattern they saw on the old cast-iron gate. The lantern, made of steel, covered with white paint, looks very romantic!