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10 new products of IKEA you dreamed about

IKEA weekend is familiar to everyone. For some, unhurried walks through the exposition are an untold pleasure and a source of inspiration. For others - the torture of search and choice. Especially for the latter we chose the prettiest new items!

Well, with whom has not happened!We went to IKEA for shelves and a vase, but managed to buy another bed, a lamp, a couple of packages of scented candles, a purple bowl and some other cute contraption, the purpose of which in your house is not yet clear, but you liked it so much ... spending a whole day at IKEA is a simple matter, but we do not always have it, this day, and we really want not to waste time looking at what is already known, but go straight to something new ... spend the weekend at IKEA

And we will start with lamps, more precisely, with new oneslampshades for them. This spring, the choice of the latter is especially diverse. IKEA invites us to be creative and create our own unique lamp, because all the components (lampshade, wire, base) are sold separately and can be easily combined with each other. 1. OVEROOD lampshades Price - 1 999 rubles. R.

OVEROOD lampshades created by specialistsdesign studio WIS design in Stockholm, resemble a pot-bellied pumpkin. With their modern design and original copper-white color scheme, they will become a stylish accent in the interior of any room. 2. Lampshades NIMO Price - from 799 to 1 999 rubles. R.

Fill your home with light and color withlampshades NIMO. They, like OVEROOD, were created by designers from the WIS design studio, but differ from their counterparts in light vintage elements that are in perfect harmony with the modern style of the lampshade. Made of colored powder-coated steel and decorated with sparkling copper, they add even more appeal to your interior. 3. Lampshades EMTEVIK Price - from 899 to 1 299 rubles. R.

For those who love the vintage style, greatsuitable lampshades in "knitted" covers. Bright and original, becoming a floor lamp or pendant lamp in retro style, they will fill the room with soft diffused light. By the way, the fabric from the lampshade can be removed and washed in the washing machine. Lamp base and wire sold separately. 4. Lampshade KRUSNING for pendant lamp Price - from 499 to 599 rubles. R.

For lovers of everything modern and unusual -art lampshade KRUSNING. Made from several layers of paper, it can take many forms, following the flight of your imagination. If you hang several of these lampshades side by side on cords of different lengths, you get your personal installation in the spirit of contemporary art. Lamp base and wire sold separately. 5. Bed linen BOLTISTEL Price - 1 999 rubles (the set includes a duvet cover and two pillowcases). R.

In the new collection of bed linen BOLTISTELthe most modern trends in textile design are reflected. Dandelion fluffs are the inspiration for this vibrant set. “I love the look of dandelion fluffs!” Says designer Andrey Shpegel. “They are airy, soft ... and so charmingly imperfect. I wanted the drawing to be the same - organic and delicate, but at the same time clear, geometric and elegant. " Made from lyocell and satin cotton, BOLTISTEL bed linen will help you freshen up your bedroom with little effort. 6. Bed frame ASKVOL Price - 9 499 rubles. R.

The right bed is the key to a comfortable sleep,health and good mood. With ASKVOL, designers Knut and Marianne Hagberg were inspired by the minimalist aesthetic of Japanese design. Therefore, the bed turned out to be very laconic, with clear graphic lines and at the same time very expressive and elegant. Designers are sure that she will find a place in any interior. 7. Bookcase BILLY Price - 4,990 rubles. R.

Shelving BILLY for 36 yearsremains the most beloved and popular storage system among IKEA buyers around the world. Every year, designers conduct seasonal experiments on it, and this spring it has appeared in an updated form: shelves are reinforced, corners are rounded (for the safety of children) and the interior is brightly decorated. As they say, there is no limit to perfection! 8. RISATORP trolley Price - 3,999 rubles. R.

The RISATORP trolley is a practical accessory fora kitchen in which it is convenient to store fruits and vegetables. The designer Wiebke Braasch strived to make the trolley as comfortable and easy to use as possible: three shelves of different sizes are made of metal mesh, which is easy to clean, and the mesh structure provides good air circulation, which allows food to stay fresh for much longer. By the way, the RISATORP trolley can be adapted for other purposes, for example, for towels in the bathroom or all sorts of little things on the balcony. And you can also put pots with flowers in it ... You can find out how to use IKEA things in the interior outside the box from our article ". 9. BOKVIK bath curtain Price - 599 rubles. R.

Isn't it time to freshen up the bathroom?May spring reign in her too. And a bright curtain in a multi-colored strip made of densely woven polyester fabric with a water-repellent coating will help you with this. With its help, you instantly transform the bathroom, making it more cheerful, and prevent water from penetrating where it should not. 10. Cover for EKTORP ENNILUND chair Price - 3 499 rubles. R.

The EKTORP chair is also used by IKEA buyersGreat popularity. And not surprisingly - beautiful, comfortable (the seat cushions are filled with highly elastic polyurethane foam and cotton wool from polyester fiber, which allows them to easily restore the original shape), and most importantly - always looks like new thanks to the huge choice of covers. This spring, the company's cheerful cover in a small flower a la Provence will be a cover in a wide strip in the style of English country. Sure, you can not pass by!