Convertible Furniture

10 options for folding furniture for small apartments

Remember folding tables? Many of us grew up having lunch or doing homework after them. The design was very simple: both halves of the table top went down, leaving only a narrow central part with neatly hidden rectangular supports under it. When folded, this item did not take up much space, but as soon as it was disassembled, the whole family easily accommodated it during the meal. In recent years, the concept of transformable furniture has received a wider development. Now folding mechanisms can be present in any part of the house. Doors-accordions open the entrance to the pantry, and behind the hinged panels are roomy compartments for storing a variety of things. From now on, furniture with a folding mechanism is the prerogative of not only compact rooms with a clear shortage of space, but also more spacious modern interiors in a streamlined design. The online magazine Small Interiors has prepared for you a list of the most useful pieces of furniture, equipped with moving parts.

Hidden details

The impressive size of the TV could breakminimalist harmony of this space. But he was hidden in a wall niche behind a folding door, which, when closed, remains completely invisible against the general background.

Space saving

Spacious pantry with all shelves, drawersand the tabletop hides behind an ultra-thin folding door, which would open too much space if it were solid. And so the pantry can remain open all the time while someone is preparing food, and at the same time not blocking his path at all.

Compact space transformation

This blue module adjoins one of the walls inroom and combines storage system, bed and desk. Behind the wide panel on the wheels there is a bed with a lifting mechanism, and on the panel itself there is a folding tabletop, which can be used at any time. Such an inspired decision transformed the interior of the New York studio apartment and saved its residents from many problems.

Extra bed

A folding bed allows you to turn, say,office in the guest bedroom, it is necessary only to open the door and lower the bed. The design presented here did not compromise between style and comfort: the space above the comfortable double bed is decorated with built-in lights and even a small picture.

Classic secretary

The secretary, or desk-bureau, was a popular subject.setting over several centuries. In fact, this is a small cabinet with a hinged lid, which is used for work and writing. The exquisite secretary in the photo is beautiful on its own, separate from the context. It looks equally good in the open and closed state.

Built in furniture

If you decide to get builtracks, why not choose those that are equipped with mobile structures? So you can hide some unattractive parts and objects such as cables and other equipment, and give a more fresh look to the traditional interior element.

Unexpected decisions

Classic high wardrobe in the living room more familiarit would be to see with two doors closing towards each other. But the designers of this model decided to go a different way, providing it with only one, but a folding door. This cabinet is so interesting that instead of the expected shelves in its lower compartment there are a lot of miniature drawers.

Compact office

The smaller the thickness and width have foldingthe door, the neater they will look in the clear, and the more free space will remain in the room. The advantages of the design, which we see in the picture, is that the compact home office at the time of use fits perfectly into the overall background due to the modest size of the original cabinet doors. If they were wider, the desk would seem isolated, and the person working behind it would risk experiencing claustrophobia.

Wall construction

Separate dryer is not allowedthere is plenty of space on the floor, and ceiling fixtures require tremendous efforts to fix them. The ideal option is a structure built into the wall, which when assembled is completely not out of its recess.

Compact kitchen furniture

We all want a quick snack in the kitchen, notmoving away from the stove, and even in the closest room you can find a place for a folding table. The model in the photo is equipped with a mechanism to lower the tabletop and raise it if necessary. The chairs, as you can see, are also foldable, and they can be hung on wall hooks. Perfect dinner set for compact space.