The interior of a small kitchen

10 practical ways to "expand" the small kitchen

We are willing to bet that when you think about the kitchenyour dream, it does not match the word "tiny." But such is the reality. Many of us live with scanty space for a kitchen table, a close working triangle and little precious space for household appliances. If you do not agree to combine the kitchen with the adjoining room, then at least you can create the impression of a larger space. For this you need to know a few strategic design tricks, which will be discussed later.

1. Replace solid casement doors with glass doors.

Glass facades facilitate the appearance of the headsetand allow the gaze to get inside, to the back of the cabinet. Because of this, the kitchen seems more open. In this case, you should not clutter up the interior with trinkets, otherwise the effect will be lost.

2. Paint the cabinets in the same color as the walls.

The outline of the furniture on the walls of the same shadeblurs visual boundaries. The traditional design school teaches that light colors have a reflective effect and make the space bigger, and this is definitely the right approach. But do not be afraid to use for the range of colors and dark shades. Deep tones, such as black, dark blue, chocolate, are visually receding. This creates the impression that the walls are further than they really are.

3. Choose furniture with a small footprint.

For a small kitchen, those are best suited.interior items that do not take the useful space of the floor. For example: narrow cabinets, slender table, small stools. Avoid massive legs or large furniture bases that add visual volume.

4. Use niches as cabinets

Equip functional storage systems: pantry, racks or cabinets - flush with the wall so as not to interfere with the kitchen space. It is quite easy to produce in a recessed niche.

5. Create a design with clear lines.

Large brackets, ornate furniture and fancythe details can give the kitchen a rugged look. Instead, keep the elements strict and smooth to soften the decor and create a stylish interior design with a feeling of airiness.

6. Think about the possibility of connecting the kitchen with another room.

Here is a combined kitchen-dining room, divided by the low half of the wall. This results in a natural extension of the cooking zone.

7. Include racks in design

Open shelves visually reduce the volume and create the illusion of a more extensive space. Floating shelves on brackets with stylish design objects will look even more elegant.

8. Remove all unnecessary

A large number of shelves, racks and cabinets withdisorder create the impression that the kitchen is bursting at the seams. Focus on several objects and interior items, and hide the rest. Modern kitchen furniture copes with this task.

9. Direct look up

Select items that will attract the look up. Vertical lines of the walls and similar design of the ceiling will create the impression of greater height.

10. Fill the space with light

Will your kitchen be made clear or indark colors, the glow of light will add to her a sense of spaciousness. Make window openings as easy as possible or eliminate the design completely, so as not to block the sun.