How to expand the space in the apartment

10 proven ways to visually expand the space

Of course, without redevelopment increaseThe physical size of a small room is impossible, but there are still many ways to visually expand its space. Visual techniques are one of the main tools that allows you to modernize housing according to the needs of the customer. Here are some of them:

  • You can visually do more using light pastel colors in the interior. Cold tones will also help.

  • The apartment will appear more when painting the walls, floor and ceiling in similar light shades.

  • Both the furniture and must match the tones of the interior. Monolayer, light, translucent curtains, freely transmitting light, visually expand the space.

  • Hidden lights with natural light will help create a sense of magnification.

  • Use mirrors on the walls, if you want to visually lift the ceiling, then horizontally hang one of them along the wall.

  • Choose light furniture that creates a feeling of free space.

  • Place it in the corners or around the perimeter to release the central part.

  • Direct attention to a specific object, putting it in the far corner. Thus, a feeling of spaciousness is created.

  • Remove extra stuff. Use narrow shelving, vertical cabinets.

  • Replace the doors with a folding screen, and 2 small rooms will merge into one large one.

And what ways do you know?