Small bathroom interior

10 simple tips for the interior of miniature bathrooms

Wrong everybody dreams of a spacious bath roomwhere you can splash plenty under a double shower or in a triple pool or in a separate comfortable bathroom. But the reality is that many of us have the desired space a little more than the size of a handkerchief. But do not worry, today there are many mini-devices and parts, as well as a whole heap of designed and tested in practice design tricks that will significantly increase the tiny room. The most advantageous color in such spaces is white, be it a bathroom, a pool or a kitchen. But this does not mean that it is completely worth giving up flowers. Only a game with light and shadow, as well as concise contrasts - this is what creates unique interiors, distracting attention from small squares. In the end, even the saying goes, "the best things in small packages."

1. Tiny bath

Some models of modern baths are made inso concise that they can fit in even the most modest little room. In addition, its non-standard geometry is suitable for any asymmetric room. A small bathing area is also a big plus, meaning that you can purchase a trendy brand of plumbing without sacrificing your wallet. Look at the following brands: Amalfi, Victoria + Albert.

2. Focus on corners

Corner showers are one of the for decorating custom bathrooms. Wall hanging furniture also perfectly creates the illusion of space, since right below it you can see the continuation of the floor surface.

3. Soothing finish

Do not be afraid to color the bathroom. Dimmed blue, used on walls, on the ceiling and on panels, visually lengthens it. And isn't this the most gentle color that can soothe and relieve after a hard day? Интерьresa’s Green, Farrow & Ball paints were used in this interior.

4. Maintain bright whiteness

You can not pass indifferently past the classicwhite tiles laid out like on the walls of the subway. Their clarity and freshness effectively increase the space, especially in tandem with light gray grout. For the rest, do not overdo it with decor and furniture, leave more room for maneuver. Grout: neutral gray 112, produced by Mapei.

5. Custom Architecture

At first glance, this space is enoughuncomfortable to work with him. But the narrow size and sloping roof skillfully used to create a unique interior. A large dormer window, bringing a huge amount of sunlight reflected and scattered in the mirror, almost invisible glass shelves and hanging shells, contribute to the overall atmosphere of a spirit of order and concentration.

6. Dark shading experiments

White color is an unforgettable classic, andPerhaps you, sticking to this rule, avoid more saturated and muted colors, but look how it blows warm from this sweet shower. A soft play of light gives it a calming effect of SPA.

7. Be smart

To place in a small bathroom all youit is necessary, it is necessary to use every square centimeter wisely. In this small room with a sloped ceiling, a small-sized shower was placed on the podium - 1 by 1.5 meters. While the bathtub is immersed to a lower level and decorated with a simple mosaic. A built-in dressing table provides plenty of storage space. Glass Tile: Bisazza

8. Use modular shelving

Many of us need as much space as In this chic interior every millimeter works efficiently. Tailor-made racks fill all the rooms in the room. And the simple bars of natural treated wood stand out stylishly against a white background.

9. Create a little personality.

This wonderful and boundless cute "pocket"shower in a wooden tub, ideal for such a miniature space, set aside for the bathroom. In addition, it is very inventive and convenient.

10. Embed the bathroom in the sleeping area

Arrange a small bath in one room withThe bedroom is a great idea. It does not require a large area in order to bring it to life. In this converted attic, a comfortable bathroom is located right under the window. Good location, because lying in it, you can relax, looking into the bottomless blue sky.