Organization of space

10 things you need to know when organizing a children's


A child is a whole world for a little person. How to make a room magical, safe, developing and practical? We will tell you about 10 things, which you can not forget about in any case, while considering the design of the Children's Room is the most important room in a person's life. Those positive emotions that we got there ultimately form an adult personality. For growing children, this room is not only a place for games and recreation, but also a space for development, study, communication with friends. Parents are important safety and practicality of design. Let's try to observe the interests of the whole family.

Children grow up

Always think ahead. What needs to be changed when the small owner of the room starts walking? Would he stop in bed? Going to school? Begin to bring friends? Be prepared for the fact that the room should change with ease - it's unlikely that you will do a full repair and redevelopment every couple of years.

Security is the main thing

To worry about the child a little less -Consider the layout of the room to minimize injury and surprises. And this applies not only to babies, but also to violent ones. As few sharp corners as possible, more rounded, natural materials in decoration. The floor must be soft and warm, but the carpet will collect dust. Choose, for example, a cork floor or thick, cozy mobile rugs. Our opinion: - Sharp corners can be covered with special pads, furniture should be attached to the wall so that the child does not overturn it. Hide all wires, close the sockets and make sure that the capacious boxes and chests for storing toys are easily opened from the inside - the kid can hide there.

The confusion is inevitable

But this does not mean that you do not need to fight it. Use special storage systems for pampers, clothes, toys. It is better not to throw everything into one big basket, but to provide for a few small ones. Organize storage by purpose, color or function and sign baskets or boxes - to the order you need to learn from childhood.

We need an individual approach

You do not have to immediately plan a roomprincess, all in pink ryushechkah, if you have a girl. A grown up boy may not appreciate a room with a "pirate" theme. Sometimes you have to admit it's your dream, but not the ideal room for your children. Listen to them - maybe the boy will like lovely animals on the walls, and the girl - a real wigwam.

There is always a place for a fairy tale

Childhood will never happen again - let the babysurrounded by magical characters, real stars shine on the ceiling, and any game will be an adventure. Growing up children will be delighted with the decoration associated with their favorite book or movie. Fantastic idea - right in the room. The little ones also need their own corner.

Learning - time, fun - hour

The room is a universal development tool. Here your baby will learn - in appearance, taste and touch - every object. A schoolboy will read and do lessons - it is important to provide for this place and opportunity. Let the door become an assistant in the study of letters, for example, and the wall will tell about the structure of the world.

More children - more trouble

If you plan a room for two children, veryit is important that everyone has his own zone. Solitude and the presence of one's own place is important even for loving brothers and sisters, and if the age difference is significant, the elder will need a place for study sessions. A bunk bed will help create a "house" for everyone. The beds next to each other can be separated by a screen or curtain.

Decorate together

When the child grows up, he will want to acceptdecisions related to the room, yourself. Even if you are against some ideas, try to find a compromise. And decorate the interior together. A great activity for the whole family is creating beautiful and interesting lighting.

Children need movement

The kids have so much energy - we never dreamed. Make the children's room so that it has what it's worth to spend on. The sports corner, in which you can climb walls and rage, for a long time will take the child and strengthen it physically. A little girl will enjoy the real swing.

A small room is not a problem

Square meters should not restrict you. But you have to apply imagination. A baby bed can be put in a closet or be located under the ceiling, above the wardrobe. Believe me, it is not the size of the room that matters to a child, but the fact that it is organized with love and attention to it. Our opinion:- Choose bright but delicate colors for the nursery and be ready to repaint the walls when your daughter starts a “pink” period or a “gray” one for your son. Blue color stimulates mental activity, green - calms, yellow - pleases, but all these are general words, and the color that will please a particular child is suitable for decorating a room.,,,