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10 things of your home that should be bright -


Courage is not only the ability to abandon yourselfWith a five-meter tower in the pool, but also the ability to leave the comfort zone in the most important and personal. The use of bright colors in the interior is a great way to dilute the gray routine and prove to yourself that you have the internal flexibility and a certain amount of adventurism, without which you agree that it is boring to live. However much we like to look at modern expressive interiors and admire the imagination and inner freedom of designers, In the obvious - we are afraid of color. There everything looks great in the pictures, although they are ready to enter today, but right now we absolutely disagree about painting the walls in turquoise. However, despite this, the heart requires impressions and colors. What to do? We recommend starting small.

1. The front door

If you live in a country house, bright coloredElement of design you should be the first door. Let it be a rich green, burgundy, bright blue. The joy of returning home will increase many times, admiring views of neighbors warm the soul, and most importantly - the sacred thrill of bright shades will finally give up positions.

2. Hours in the hallway

The time counter is useful in any room, butIn the hallway it is simply necessary. And that in the environment of shelves, hooks and lamps, this object would come across restless eyes from the first attempt, it should be found bright and as much as possible appreciable, ideally - with a positive pattern. Thoughts about the transience of time often give you pleasant emotions? Soon everything will change.

3. Painting

We are not about Savrasov's reproductions, but about the decorWalls in general. Posters and posters, paintings and photographs, applications and installations. In fact, everything you want to frame and hang on the wall, we recommend to consider not only from the point of view of the plot, but also the palette. No, of course, hide the beloved Vrubel on the balcony "The Swan Princess" only because she is "too white", we will not let you. But wandering through the labyrinths of the art gallery or, at worst, a gift shop, look at the colors of the picture / poster / photo - suddenly a couple of saturated shades will remind you of the holiday, the bottomless sky and wild flowers. Hooked? Grab it and do not hesitate.

4. Pillows

We are now talking about pillows on the couch in the living room. The more of them - the better, the brighter they are - the more wonderful, and the richer the possibility of combinations - the farther away from you is the day when the living room will get bored.

5. Refrigerator

For some reason, we use bright colors in the kitchenworst of all. And this is no wonder: the kitchen for a Russian person is a sacred place, here we gain strength, relieve stress, share secrets, show our best and worst qualities. Surrounded by purple walls, we are embarrassed to embody this, red facades overexcite, and a brown lacquered table evokes not the most optimistic thoughts. Dead end? But no! Refrigerator. Have you ever thought about it? Red / green / black - choose any option, regardless of the rest of the interior. This emphasis will work in any environment. And so that you do not look for such an unusual unit for a long time, we recommend that you pay attention to refrigerators Their facades are made of impact-resistant glass in the richest color range: ruby, frosty agate, platinum, quartz, amethyst and onyx, and the filling demonstrates the latest developments in action - they say , the freshness of the products stored in these refrigerators remains at the proper level for many days and even weeks. And also the door of such a refrigerator can be protected from children.

6. Bedside table

The bedroom is not the place for extreme solutions, it'sEveryone knows. However, here you can find a small corner for the experiment. And this corner is a nightstand. Bedside. It is not in sight and stylistically does not correspond to the rest of the interior. So, you have every right to release your creature monster and release the reins.

7. Armchair in the bedroom

It can stand in front of a dressing table orWindows, in front of a tiny console - in any case, you can easily select a bright upholstery for it. For example, crimson color. In a couple of chairs a few pillows in a tone or a whole blanket are suitable. If the rest of the interior is light and actively tends to shades of alabaster, do not hesitate - a couple of bright spots will only benefit him.

8. Library in the nursery

And here we play a cunning game "chooseme". Of course, hoping that bright orange shelves with books will prompt your child to take on Schopenhauer is futile, but in the war for the intellectual potential of descendants, any methods are good. And the eye-catching bookcase is not the most stupid option.

9. Towels

No matter for the kitchen or the bathroom, youChoose - we urge you to pay attention to the options "more interesting". For the kitchen succulent, "salivating" shades of fruit. In the bathroom, it is better to choose something rich, dense and thorough - plum, eggplant and deep blue.

10. The carpet

If you already have a carpet in your interior, letIt will be bright. Say solid not to all beige, gray and brown hues. Sex is what your view falls regularly. Let the eye rejoice! By the way, a bright carpet looks good in any modern interior. And surprisingly - the brighter the color, the better the carpet fits into a strict environment.