The interior of a small bedroom

10 ways to create comfort in small bedrooms

Stylish and refreshing design Bedroom Decoration -special task. Unlike the kitchen or living room, this room reflects the tastes and preferences of its owner, characterizing him as a person and acting as a private haven not only for recreation, but also for fun! We decided to acquaint readers with the secrets of planning small bedrooms. Small bedrooms with a rationally thoughtful design are not inferior to large in elegance and ergonomics! All that is needed is to adhere to the basic principles of planning that will help make the space more open and spacious. We offer you 10 tips that will help fill the bedroom with an atmosphere of calm and make a touch of style.

Free up space

This is exactly what your mother has required from the age of five. And she was absolutely right: this advice is indispensable for small rooms. A bedroom with minimal elements of decor, in which everything is in place, visually looks more attractive. In the arms of minimalism: less is better (Wheeler Kearns Architects)

Simple color schemes

External harmony is the most important factor. It creates a feeling of being in the bedroom, which is much more than it actually is. It is advisable not to use more than three colors. Rest assured, one neutral shade for the background and two color accents for the most important details will do the trick. Blackband Design advises not to load space with color

Multilevel lighting

Lighting is undoubtedly a key moment of creation.stylish, bright and fabulous atmosphere. The ideal option is the presence of large windows, but if there is not enough natural light, artificial light sources will help. Convenient lighting and shelf lighting create a refined setting.

Stylish and convenient storage

Unique comfort will help create fashionablestorage devices. Take as a basis the unusual racks and beautiful wardrobe. Soft natural materials will make the room more comfortable. Woven, wicker baskets perfectly complement the interior, and create additional storage space. Benches, padded stools and a table will also be useful. Bedside cabinet will double storage space!

Freedom to move decor

American Tulip Series Furniture Makerarchitect Eero Saarinen, called his project an attempt to "give freedom of movement in US homes." Try to eliminate everything that interferes with free walking. Suspended lamps, wall lamps and shelves with exquisite decor, will help in this. Freeing up space

Scale and proportions

Compliance with proportions - Achilles heelmost of us. You should not use a relatively small bed with a very large side table or a huge closet, simply because they looked good together in the store! Interior items should be simple and proportional (Huis Styling)

Use the vertical!

Space is not only square meters.your bedroom, but also its height. But use it with caution. You do not want to completely surround yourself with shelves and accessories? This will turn an already small bedroom into a small room. Use shelving all the way up to the ceiling. This saves space and creates additional storage space. Compact Murphy bed with storage units from Harrell Remodeling

Create accents

The fact that you have a small bedroom does not mean at all that it is not worth making accents. On the contrary, you can focus on the natural element of the room - the bed. Bed - room accent

Mirrors and reflective surfaces

Glass is a smart compact addition.rooms - it adds a sense of freedom. Add a mirror to the bedroom, and you will not only increase the space, but also create the best conditions for the distribution of light. Mirror, visually increases the space

Do not need too much!

At first glance, everything is simple, but this taskmore difficult than it seems. New trends are constantly tempting to make changes, so it is better not to follow the fashion trends. Get rid of anything you dislike. Nothing extras Enjoy the comfort of small rooms. Make sure that a beautiful comfortable bedroom is much better than a large and faceless one.