10 "stellar" houses, which caused the most lively interest


In this collection - 10 houses of famous people,Impressed you the most. And the reasons for this are at least 10: Richard Gere, Will Smith, Jean-Claude Van Damme ... We all like to look behind the scenes of the life of idols or just interesting to us the stars of cinema and television. And most, perhaps, interesting - to see the home of your favorite artists. Our today's selection will show you the top ten brightest, extraordinary and unexpected houses of stars.

The four-story house of Jean-Claude Van Damme in California

Years spent surrounded by chromeiron and harsh weightlifters, were not in vain for the star of the militants. As a new place of permanent residence, the actor chose a bright, modern and, without exaggeration, luxurious interior. White leather, crystal chandeliers, soft textiles - Paris Hilton would rather take root here. Well, of course, if she had a taste.

The amazing house of Will Smith in Malibu

Will Smith is a positive character in allrelationships: he is an exemplary family man, and an ardent fighter against injustice of any kind, and a professional with remarkable intuition. Each of his films is a real event. We will not recall our refusal to act in The Matrix, we will write it off to the will of fate. And, of course, such a person should be absolutely so. The family nest of the Smiths seemed to have migrated from the set of the next film masterpiece with the owner in the title role.

The House of Richard Gere

The man whose name has been around for decadesimpossible to pronounce without aspiration, never ceases to amaze his fans. The Hollywood star, the same handsome from "Pretty Woman" and just "Mr. Charm", settled in Such buildings you probably saw in dozens of TV series of the 90s and have long been associated with the traditional country house of the average US resident. It turns out that you can stand out from the crowd in this way - by doing like everyone else. Bravo, Richard!

Moby House in the Hollywood Hills

Where do you think it might livea weird musician with the appearance of a physics teacher and a short, badly memorable name Moby? You will never guess - this was the musician's childhood dream - to forget about tiny dark apartments forever and become a real prince. The matter remained with the white horse.

In bed with Madonna: personal star apartments in New York

But here you are unlikely to be surprised by anything.Anything can be expected from "Madame Scandal", "Madame Epatage" and "the deserved queen of pop music of the whole Planet". This house was designed by the singer's brother, and here only one of the facets of the complex, extravagant essence of the hostess is clearly reflected. Perhaps, we will never be able to unravel all the secrets of the star, but we are

Family nest of the former party girl Nicole Richie

And again we are convinced of the theatricality of all this"High life". Inveterate party girl Nicole Richie, having created her own family, moved not to Beverly Hills, and not to Manhattan, but to a cute and even romantic Los Angeles area called Laurel Canyon. stars of glamor completely opposes themselves to the past of the hostess - this is a traditional, cozy, very small house with a natural finish and a lot of cute family details.

Visiting Matt Damon

The main competitor of James Bond has a wide andunassuming soul. For his family, the actor found a house, albeit a large one, by the standards of Hollywood. However, this is only an appearance. The laconic and even at times minimalist interior is framed with frankly luxurious finishing materials. Just like the actor himself, whose unconditional talent is hidden behind the most ordinary appearance of the "neighbor guy".

Luxury mansion Sting in London

Gentlemen never run.Probably, it was precisely this paragraph from the corresponding code, and partly the text of the song of the famous Englishman, that guided the designers. conversations with its owner.

The first adult house of Miley Cyrus

At the mention of Miley Cyrus's name, hardlysomeone will pop up in their thoughts something decent. However, today we will break the stereotype. Take a look and try to imagine the infamous star with the most photographed language within these walls. Not an easy task, isn't it? Modern, strict and surprisingly grown-up. Looks like Miley is hiding something from us.

Incredible Villa Golfer Tiger Woods in Hawaii

Successful golfer and rare charismatic inyou will not refuse the taste. As a "seaside house" he chose a real one with huge spaces, panoramic windows and curious lighting. By the way, we can talk about the latter for a long time, light in this interior plays an important role. However, as they say, it is better to see once.