11 valuable tips that everyone needs, doing repairs

What you need to take into account when starting repairs in the apartment? How not to miss important trifles, from which there is a big budget saving and a great new interior? Valuable advice - from the best experts. When thinking about repair, we make a cost estimate, we plan global and minor alterations, we decide what materials to buy. But we do not always take into account important trifles that can significantly save the planned repair costs and help achieve an excellent result in the interior transformation. Everything good has been invented by someone, collected and tested in practice. And we found such a storehouse of information, without which no designer or decorator can do. Meet Julie Carlson (Julie Carlson), editor in chief of the American site Remodelista, which contains all the necessary and useful in the field of design. Julie founded this resource in 2007 along with her three friends and like-minded people. Since then, the site is actively developing and is now rightfully considered to be one of the best sources of useful advice in the sphere of home and apartment decor. This is a guide to remodeling and remodeling spaces where comprehensive experience is used, recommendations for repairing the house are taken into account, taking into account all the subtleties, Choice of paint and finishes, color palette and accessories. Today Remodelista will share with you 11 useful tips on what you need to consider when planning to do repairs in your house or apartment.

1. Legs in the form of lions' paws are inappropriate in small bathrooms

Classic bath with beautiful legs in the form ofLion's paws - it's very stylish. But the practicality of such a model is questionable in a small bathroom, especially if you mostly take a shower, rather than lie in foam water. It is much more expedient to use the space under the bathroom to store the necessary trifles. So you can save a lot of space and hide from the look of objects that are not always appropriate in the open space. Removing many accessories in thin wall cabinets, you can avoid the confusion that is so often formed in this room.

2. When choosing a plumbing, do not forget about the details

What kind of lamps and for what price? What do not you need to spare money for? In the bathroom it is convenient to place the things that you use every day. And for this you will need beautiful hangers, a holder for toilet paper, comfortable and light shelves, which will not take up much space, switches and other important trivia. A beautiful light switch, heated towel rail and a comfortable shelf are able to cheer up, believe me.

3. Selection of tiles, flooring and materials

What to choose as a decoration of the room toDid not have to spend a lot of time to maintain cleanliness and brilliance? The wooden floors of a dark color are beautiful, but as if attracting the dust and hair of animals - on a dark background is visible every mote. The white grout on the white tile in the bathroom will quickly require active efforts to restore its original color. Open shelves for kitchen utensils are an excellent choice if you are a very organized person and are capable of maintaining a fantastic order, otherwise it is better to prefer deep storage boxes. If you want the countertops to look always like new, do not choose marble as a material - it requires careful care. If you are concerned about fingerprints on a white or light wall background, do not use matte paint for these surfaces. Our opinion: - Decorating any room, try not to clutter it though necessary, but such ubiquitous things. Flasks and bottles in the bathroom clean in lockers or baskets, in the kitchen, if possible, hide household appliances in cabinets. No repairs or alterations will not relieve the sensation of clutter, unless you change your approach to the ergonomics of space.

4. Do not be afraid to "mix" metals

Great idea - use brass in the kitchen! Are you afraid that it will conflict with chrome and glossy surfaces and stainless steel parts? In vain. Brass or copper in the form of furniture fittings, lamps or accessories will look great in the kitchen. But avoid glossy lacquered bright copper fixtures, they can look cheap and will conflict with the stainless finish.

5. Create a lighting plan in your home

If you bought a house or apartment where there is a badIlluminated by natural light room, whether it's a bedroom or a cellar, you need to find an excellent way out of the situation. To light a room without windows is a huge problem. We recommend that you provide as many light sources as possible. Adjust the brightness of the dimmer to be installed in this room. This will solve the task of lighting a table or a nightstand with a reading lamp (depending on whether you plan to use the space as a bedroom or a study), or you can only include a wall sconce or a lamp in the corner of the room.

6. Black and dark blue are not always practical

Fashionable now blue color is not always appropriate inSmall rooms, in the bathroom for example. Black is also not the perfect color for this room. Imagine that in the morning, hardly waking up, you go into a dark bathroom and can not quickly wake up and cheer up. Apply makeup in these conditions, even with a large mirror and bright backlighting - also a difficult task. In the evening, after working hours, you hardly want to stay in such a dark interior for a long time, although it can be called stylish. Well, see for yourself.

7. Look for an alternative to expensive household appliances.

Are you sure that you want to equip your kitchen withThe last word of technology? Of course, many devices you need, but do not trust the advertising tricks and do not rush to buy an expensive stove, hob and washing machine. Look at several different resources on the Internet, look for analogues of what you so liked, but at a lower price. And you certainly will not lose in the functionality. The choice is huge. Are you ready to pay only for the brand?

8. Make your furniture and cabinets less boring

It is not necessary to buy new cabinets forKitchen, if you are bored look old, but in excellent condition. Change them to some detail, and if you do it yourself, your furniture will be even more expensive. For example, you can cut strips from an old piece of leather, if necessary, paint it in the desired color, and then fasten them with bolts and nuts on drawers. To make it easier is simple, and the appearance of cabinets will be exactly fun and more pleasant.

9. Choose the right white paint

If you are a fan of Scandinavian style, youYou need white paint to update your interior. But remember that white is not all that you need to know. There are a lot of shades of this color, and if you choose the wrong one, you will only spoil all the decor of your room. It is very important to consider many factors when choosing a white paint: finishing materials, the amount of natural and artificial lighting, the side of the light on which windows come out, the color of furniture and accessories, and much more. The same color can be warm or cold, bright or dim. You can warm up the cold interior of the Scandinavian interior with candles or light fixtures, but it is better to consult a designer in advance who will help you make the right choice and do not complicate the process of decorating the room. Our opinion: - Picking up the paint, be sure to use the opportunity to make vivid. And pay attention to how they will look in your interior at different times of the day and under different lighting conditions. It is better to test several times the options you like than to repaint all surfaces afterwards because of the unsuccessfully chosen color.

10. The ideal floor in the kitchen

There are many options for finishing the floors in the kitchen. But in addition to tile, linoleum and wood, there is a fantastic material called marmoleum. It is made from natural renewable materials, including flaxseed oil, tar, and cork. This is an excellent choice for the kitchen - a natural and environmentally friendly floor with a wide choice of color and texture range. Marmoleum is non-toxic, does not cause allergies, has bactericidal properties. The floor of marmoleum is 15-30% cheaper than laminate flooring. Marmoleum does not require additional insulation and thermal insulation: the material itself has insulating properties. It does not fade, does not swell when wet and does not warp, can withstand a huge local load, even spilled paint does not stick to it. Marmoleum is not flammable and decorative - it can be painted in a variety of colors, textured for wood, stone, etc.

11. Any product before buying should be found "in person"

And the last tip: Choosing tiles, paint, wallpaper and furniture through the Internet, be very attentive. It is better to touch the finishing materials with your hands and look at them personally than to be satisfied with the description and the photograph. It is better to make at least a couple of trips to the exhibition hall or shop to look at the surface and check the countertops, floors, etc. The more such inspections you make, the better will be the final result. Not seeing the goods, you can not draw a conclusion about its quality and relevance in your interior.