11 most beautiful summer terraces of bars and restaurants in Moscow

The verandah season is in full swing.Where to sit with a friend? Where to consider postcard views with a visiting foreigner? Where to take your family? We have selected for you 10 outdoor places in Moscow, where it is not only tasty, but also beautiful. If food is more than food for you, and also a reason to spend a sunset or meet a sunrise, look at the always hurrying Muscovites, admire the city from the rooftop or just breathe the air over a cup of tea - all roads lead to the terrace. There are about two thousand of them in Moscow: round-the-clock, with playgrounds, live music and silence, with a view of the Kremlin and the surrounding area closed by a dense green wall, with gourmet cuisine and hamburgers ... Where to go? We believe that in a good dinner - almost according to the classics - everything should be perfect:. We chose such places. Our opinion: - For most restaurants, a summer terrace is not only a way to please their regular customers who want to get out into the fresh air, but also an opportunity to add tables. It often ends with the veranda beginning to resemble a circular metro line during rush hours. Such overpopulation usually speaks of either a democratic price or excellent cuisine. But a good restaurant manager will almost always prefer reserving tables to a crush. Because a restaurant is a story not only about food, but also about comfort. In any case, you should not dine with children in too crowded places.

1. "Turandot"

One of the most beautiful outdoor groundscapital - in the restaurant "Turandot", famous for its whimsical decor: the style of the late Baroque is a rarity in public interiors. A romantic treble terrace, drowning in flowers and wild grapes, brings guests from the roof of the Moscow mansion to the gardens of the palace and park ensembles of St. Petersburg. It is worth going to at least to look at the filigree work of the decorator, who managed to create a living and modern space full of antiques and fanciful details.

2. Happiness on the roof

What kind of happiness can there be in the summer without a veranda? And in the Great Putinkovskiy Lane, of course, it is, with a view of Pushkin Square and a little bit - on the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin; with a lot of pleasant little things, which are interesting to consider in anticipation of a leisurely waiter. Of course, "Happiness ..." is white and air-marshmallow.

3. 02 Lounge

The most "sovereign" view of the capital:Red Square from the 12th floor of The Ritz-Carlton. When you need to entertain a business trip foreigner, you cannot do without him. If the interior seems a little dry, look at the bar counter and futuristic red and gold chairs: the Third Rome in a modern way. True, this luxury is hidden under the dome.

4. Chips

Another roof, but already with a stage for concertsopen-air and DJ-remote control. On weekends - the favorite place of capital party people with money, on weekdays - a pleasant playground with the Bolshoi Theater and central shops underfoot. A lot of wood and incredibly comfortable chairs - just to relax from shopping. With the kitchen, too, everything is clear - this is the restaurant of Arkady Novikov.

5. Strelka Bar

Large wooden veranda with wonderful viewsThe Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Moskva River, but what is even more valuable - in the courtyard of the Strelka Institute of Architecture and Design. You can spy on the most interesting events with a glass of wine in your hands. The interior is worthy of a separate description, but the fateful meeting in one space of Art Deco and 70s is worth seeing with your own eyes.

6. "Elargeji"

The best place for a summer lunch with children: you will still be able to rest and yourself. On a large terrace, zoned for guests' convenience, there was enough space for a playground with squirrels, rabbits and goats. Everything else that we usually expect from the Georgian courtyard - soft armchairs, smiling staff, incredible regional cuisine and a long wine list - is also on site.

7. "White veranda"

For a complete fusion with nature - in the Botanicalgarden of Moscow State University. Sitting amid the snow-white painted furniture and plunging into the stupefying aroma of vegetable and kitchen exotics, you will not understand at once whether you are in a foreign resort, or at a Chekhov dacha. In any case, the elegantly relaxed atmosphere of white trousers and straw hats is provided.

8. Cafe Pushkin

From the veranda of Anton Pavlovich - yes on the roof toTo Alexander Sergeevich! "Cafe Pushkin" metropolitan young ladies and gentlemen know well, but its summer terrace is smaller. But in vain. There is the same luxury of the noble manor and the same intricate menu from the inventive chief, similar to the recipe for Molochovets and to the record in the old album at the same time. Only in flowers and in the fresh air - especially for merciful princes.

9. Veranda 32.05

More chamber, but also much more crowded verandahiding in the Hermitage garden. On Sundays - puppet shows and master classes for children. According to the official phone number, it is proposed to book not only a table, but also an umbrella with a swing. Tables and chairs of the old-fashioned kind are painted in colors of nonexistent May, 32 - a kind and cozy fairy tale for both busy moms with playful offspring, and for dads, family friends and all passers-by. And if there are not enough places, you can always take a glass of wine and go to a bench, extending the veranda into the depths of the garden.

10. Uilliam's

Fans of gastronomic tours and goodfarm food is well aware that there is no veranda there - there is simply no place for it. And yet it is. Therefore, gourmets and patrons pre-book tables near the front windows on Malaya Bronnaya. They open unbuttoned, and tables are moved to the street. If you are bored for Milan or Paris, not so much in the gastronomic sense as in the emotional, try to "take away" from regular customers a place on this modest veranda. You'll like it. And do not forget to look inside, to see the open red kitchen, which every night miracles are created. Not every theater will offer you something like that.

11. Berth

Finish our journey on the "Quay". The famous ruble's veranda offers a summer holiday in its classic sense: a river, a swimming pool, sun loungers, cocktails of all colors of the rainbow and the charms of a brazier with a smokehouse. The beach season, by the way, is already open. In case of a sudden summer shower, everything is also provided - a porch with woven Indonesian furniture draped with real sails. And, of course, the famous Prichalovo floating gazebo-tent is a summer bestseller for romantic evenings. Our opinion:- Whichever veranda you choose, it is worth remembering the simple rules of outdoor dining. On clear, warm evenings and on weekends, a table on the terraces of most central restaurants must be booked in advance. If the place is famous for good food - in a couple of days. Otherwise, you run the risk of waiting a long time or sitting in the aisle. On hot and sunny days, try to stay close to the ground and avoid "glass boxes" on roofs, even with great views — among glass and concrete you will feel uncomfortable. Do not take small children to the verandas built directly by the water and to the landing stage - you will not be able to sit quietly. There are now enough places in Moscow where even a kindergarten can help you entertain. And we mentioned two of them.