12 fashionable open wardrobes -


If the wardrobe room is not enough meters, and in the closet your dresses and coats no longer fit, we offer an alternative - an open wardrobe

A separate dressing room is not onlyGreat happiness, but, unfortunately, a huge rarity. We do not get used to getting used to it, so we will not appeal to cruel destiny, but we turn to the experience of active owners of such small apartments.

In the narrow bedroom, in which the width only includes a bed, an open wardrobe will perfectly fit in. Of course, it will be possible only if the door to the room does not rest on the corner.

Great idea for an open wardrobe - a wardrobe without doors. In order to give the wooden box a finished look, we suggest pasting it with stucco stained paint.

The outdoor clothes bar on wheels gives new opportunities for an open wardrobe. From now on he is mobile and can move for you around the apartment - from one mirror to another.

A modern open wardrobe for a complete set of enough pairs of shelves, barbells and a small console for shoes.

If you risk hanging the wardrobe on the pipe, do not forget to fix it with steel strings.

The booms should be placed in two rows. Even if now you do not have so many things, already in the new season everything can change abruptly.

Separate the dressing room from the rest can be and with the help of the most common door.

If at some point your desktop has startedTo combine the functions of the toilet, you can safely hang next to him a bar and build a small pyramid of shoe boxes. Unnecessary, they certainly will not.

If the open wardrobe is out of the question, and hang doors in a tiny corner is meaningless, we propose to fence this area with curtains.

Lovers constantly replenish their shoeThe collection is tight - the shelves look cumbersome, the barricades of boxes grow at an alarming rate ... However, if you are a girl who does not think his life without heels, arrange a storage system for shoes and sandals you will not be difficult. Barbells help you.

The main attribute of any wardrobe is a mirror, and the bigger it is, the more effective and expressive, the better the wardrobe looks. Finally, about a vivid domestic example of an open wardrobe, organized in the apartment of radio host Vera Kuzmina.