12 Ideas for Spring Tea Party -


Spring has come, it's time to drink tea! In the sense - to gather a large company with children and the older generation around the table with a cookie, jam and, of course, tea. But how to turn an ordinary tea party into an event - we'll teach you

Spring has come, it's time to arrange a tea party. Tea drinking is not the absorption of herbal infusions from faceted glasses. This whole action with careful preparation, dishes that you want to consider, sweets and snacks according to home recipes and long intimate conversations. Today we will try to inspire you to play the "adequate hatter".

When there is a garden, this is happiness. But if you get out on the nature with a tea service in the coming months you are not threatened, think about the conversion of the balcony from the warehouse to the "sunny island".

Do not have luxurious bone china? Do not worry, choose the prettiest cymbals and cups, albeit completely different, shine instruments, make a couple of tracks from branches, arrange small jars with jam and honey and ... Done.

All the same there is a service, but it is a pity? And what are you going to do with it? Deliver on special events? How? On holidays? A meeting with a girlfriend, sister or grandmother - is it some kind of duty? Probably, this is also a small holiday, which means it deserves a service, no?

Excellent, you pulled out the service, use it regularly and are not at all afraid to break the cup. What's next? Decorate! You do not need to strain, you have more flowers - and it's done!

Do you like to surprise? Find every time new ways of serving. For example, cupcakes can be served directly in cups. Empty cups.

You like to embroider a cross and knit napkins, but you can not find a decent place for them? Tea ceremony will help you! Decorate the table than you like.

Another way of serving is to arrange small bunches in cups, then guests can take them with them.

Hooked the idea, but do not know how to choose the right flowers? Choose the tone of the service or treats. And under the flowers you can pick a treat, pasta macaroni for example.

It is better to teach children to ceremonial ceremonies from the youthful nails. So they will learn to appreciate the family heritage, to behave in society and to maintain conversations.

The key to an ideal tea drinking is a rich selection of treats. Not everyone loves the sweet, not all eat meat and very many are on a diet. Think about all at once, and you will be sincerely grateful.

Another nice way to fold the napkin. No tablecloth? Artfully lay out on the table napkins. It is artistically with folds.