The interior of a small kitchen

12 amazing small kitchen projects

Our life is full of surprises and solidsurprises, a hectic rhythm of life requires creative solutions, fresh ideas. Our needs were undertaken by designers who have a non-standard approach to the ordinary. These aspects can be attributed to our next subject, which will impress you with its new ideas in the interior and creative approach. A mini-kitchen is an area that provides all the necessary cooking functions, while taking up much less living space. She is also able to provide pleasant comfort in a big house. Recently, they are becoming popular for the improvement of the terraces, guest rooms, they are installed even in the garage or spacious hall. If you install it in a large living room, you will be able to keep there drinks or quickly prepare snacks for guests, while in comfortable conditions. We have prepared excellent options for you, some of them will definitely inspire you with their non-standard approach and stylish design.

Hidden features

In a classic style, designers will certainlyuse sideboards that look beautiful and elegant in the interior. Few people thought that such a storage system can be transformed into a convenient mini-kitchen. With that, it will change only inside, remaining the same spectacular in appearance. The brilliant image is attractive and functional, the small closet is equipped with a sink, microwave, refrigerator. This installation is ideal for the attic, guest house and even in the office it will look relevant.

Additional functionality

This smart solution certainly adds convenience tospace. The beautiful exterior of the block adjacent to the dining room is equipped with drawers, a freezer. Here homeowners can make coffee, in addition, behind the exquisite walnut facade is a bar. Additionally built wash and open shelving.

Comfortable conditions

Shelves are a convenient way to store plentyaccessories and dishes, especially they are relevant in a small interior. If a window is provided in your kitchen, then you can safely stop your choice on them, because unlike the headset's upper cabinets, they fit more organically into the environment, do not occupy limited centimeters anyway and do not interfere with daylight penetration. Our next example is the transition zone between the main building and the garage. Convenient setting allows this space to be used as an entertainment zone with access to the courtyard.

Efficient use of space

For such compact spaces, simplyAn irreplaceable option would be to purchase modern ergonomic household appliances. There is a wide range of such devices on the market, which will suit any parameters. Such a microwave in its dimensions looks good in the interior, and its design is simply beautiful.

Useful addition

In this project, the kitchenette is used asauxiliary box, located in a spacious room. The lower tier of this house is used as a laundry and the hostess will be very convenient when doing daily work to prepare yourself a cup of drink, sitting in a comfortable chair.

Practical kitchenette

The next option will be awesome for bigliving room, especially if it is located far from the main kitchen. Compact dimensions do not take up extra space and fit nicely into the image of the room. In addition, users have access to a refrigerator, sink, hob with induction hob, microwave and narrow dishwasher.

Laconic image in a colorful palette

Comfortable and fun interior is perfect forguest room. This option would be appropriate for a house for the rest. Believe me, your visitors will appreciate such amenities with dignity. Ergonomic solutions, compact household appliances and other basic options needed in everyday life are present here. And the energetic color range will pleasantly please the eyes and charge every inhabitant with optimism.

Practical solution

As a rule, modern homes do not have clearstandards for planning. Each structure is built according to individual standards, differing in individual features. And sometimes, equipping a new house, the owners may encounter some difficulties in the design of certain areas, such as sub-gully space. It is possible to build a small storeroom for such a case, but in this project the designers went the very opposite way.

Rich colors

A kitchenette can be a space where youExpress your inner world by embodying it in an individual design. This zone is located in the recreation room and decorated in fiery tones, and the facades shine with beautiful matte metallic.

Sensual image

The next project is a kitchen in a country house. Compact temporary housing requires creative solutions and this option is an ideal way to get more opportunities in a smaller area. Standard features and elegant design do not steal a lot of attention and occupy a minimum of space.

Smooth and clean lines

Modern minimalism conquers morepopularity due to its sophistication. Less unnecessary parts and more free surfaces, sometimes this is the perfect solution. Pay attention to the unusual apron, it is made of glass and presented as a horizontal window in the next room.

Stylish design

As a rule, small kitchens are better to install.along the wall. The next example is a small box equipped with a mini-fridge, a sink and some other built-in appliances. Its peculiarity is that it does not violate the harmony created in this room, but fits perfectly into the interior, its surface can be used as a place to install accessories or some decorative elements. Stunning and brilliant mini-kitchens - this is a creative solution for modern housing. Compact and functional, they serve as an addition to the main project and allow you to have access to certain functions in your room, office or living room, without the need to leave the room. You can use such projects in guest rooms, country house, garage and even on the terrace. Stylish, classic, eclectic or minimalistic facades will be complete elements of the interior, offering more features and taking up less precious square meters.