12 winners of the World Architecture Festival 2014

We learned how the building that won inThe nomination "Building of the Year", who got the architectural Oscars for the best projects and what the architects surprise us with today's bright and innovative. We will tell you all about all this. Most recently in Singapore, the World Architecture Festival (WAF) was held, which annually gathers architects from all over the world. The scale of the competition is truly impressive: among participants not only little-known authors, but also world stars (Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster), in total there are about 600 buildings from more than 50 countries, and the jury is led by the unrivaled British architect Richard Rogers. If you draw a parallel with the cinema, the WAF award for representatives of the architectural world is a real Oscar. The festival includes 27 nominations of various categories, which cover almost all types of buildings: from simple single-story buildings to large production facilities. The main condition: the project during participation in the competition should not be more than a year and a half since the construction. So, we bring to your attention the brightest winners in 12 categories.

1. "Building of the Year" / Chapel in Vietnam from a21studio

The winner of the World Architecture Festival 2014Year was a multi-functional community center called "Chapel", located near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The guys from the architectural bureau a21studio created this site for local residents who could organize various events here like exhibitions, weddings, conferences and not only. Judges have subdued the simplicity of the building, in it everything is made of materials that can be recycled. The white walls were revived thanks to the bright cloths of cloth descending directly from the ceiling. Partly the building is located in the open air under the roof, and the rest of it is inside, it allows to accommodate a large number of visitors.

2. Category "House" / Mansion House for Trees in Vietnam

And yet the Vietnamese this year asked a highThe bar. In the "House" category, a house for trees from Vo Trong Nghia Architects won. The purpose of this project is to place green plantations in conditions of increased density of buildings in the city. Thus, a small courtyard with five separate houses turned out, on the roof of which trees grow.

3. Category "Apartment house" / The Carve residential complex in Norway

At first glance at this 15-storey houseIt seems that the terrace is simply carved out of its construction. A very interesting idea, which the Norwegian company A-Lab was able to implement. By the way, one of their projects last year also won a prize, only in the category "Office". The Carve complex consists of eight floors with offices and seven with apartments, and outside the whole building is trimmed with white marble, which creates the illusion of a three-dimensional surface.

4. Category "Shopping" / Complex Yalikavak Palmarina in Turkey

Turkish architectural studio Emre ArolatArchitects has expanded the existing embankment and marine station on the southwest coast of Turkey, adding a large number of various objects there. Boutique hotel, spa, fitness center, restaurants, swimming pools, shops with glazed facades, offices, warehouses - all this perfectly suits under one roof. In general, the complex is an excellent example of modern organic architecture.

5. Category "Exhibition" / Te Kaitaka Pavilion in New Zealand

On the territory of the international airport in OaklandAn unusual one-story building was created under the name "Cloak", where meetings, official events and exhibitions are now held. Special attention should be paid to the innovative approach to the design of the roof: it is a wooden frame, planted with greenery, and hanging down fabric fabrics.

6. Sports category / Sports center of Singapore

Giant Sports Complex Singapore SportsHub was built in just a few years, the central place in it is allocated to a stadium with a capacity of 55 thousand people. The roof of the stadium is a sliding dome and beats all world records with its 312-meter diameter.

7. Category "Small Projects" / The Pinch Library in China

After the earthquake in September 2012Most of the houses in the Chinese village of Shuanghe were destroyed. The government has spent more than one year on the restoration of buildings, and the architects Olivier Ottevaere and John Lin also decided to contribute to this good deed. Thus, an unusual children's library with a roof in the form of a hill appeared on the empty square. Look at the children, they are clearly ecstatic!

8. Category "Innovative use of color" / Vienna University of Economics and Business

Thanks to the work of the famous architectural bureauCrab just so now looks like the new building of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Vienna. It attracts attention with a spectacular yellow-orange facade with deliberately careless wooden blinds, which among the students received a funny name "designer bristles".

9. Category "Culture" / Maritime National Museum of Denmark

Danish architectural studio Big one year agoCompleted the construction of an underground maritime museum. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that it was reconstructed from an old dry dock in the harbor of Helsingor, adding three two-level bridges of glass and steel.

10. Category "Villa" / House in the dunes from New Zealand

The glazed walls of this New Zealand spaciousThe villas offer a breathtaking view of the dunes of a nearby beach. The house of 400 square meters, designed by Fearon Hay Architects, perfectly complements the landscape and is its integral part. There is a real harmony between the inner space of the residence and the surrounding nature.

11. Category "Future project of the year" / Art Gallery in Canada

The title of the future project of the year was wonThe Queen Victoria Art Gallery from the number Ten architectural bureau and the studio with an unusual encrypted title 5468796. The AGGV Gallery will be a series of small pavilions with a large heart-shaped courtyard. Outside, the buildings will be covered with wooden "feathers", due to which natural light can scatter absent-mindedly inside.

12. Category "Religion" / Church of the Ascension of the Lord in Spain

Outwardly the building is absolutely unlike the church,Rather, it is more like a factory or warehouse. Spanish architects from AGi architects have developed a modern religious building, which fully reflects the nature of its surroundings with its industrial appearance. Metal construction allows you to penetrate the sun's rays inside the church, completely filling it with natural light. Dezeen.com, worldarchitecturefestival.com