15 options for storing the right things on the back of the door


Large wardrobe doors and doors of even the mosttiny lockers can solve the problem of storing various necessary gizmos. True, you have to go for a little trick. In the fairy tale of Clive Lewis, the girl Lucy opened the wardrobe and found herself in a magical land called Narnia. In our houses, if you open the door of a closet or room, you can often see a blockage of various things for which there is no way to find a place. To solve this problem, it is not necessary to clutter up the room space with additional cabinets and shelves. You can easily get by with what you already have. You only need a few simple additional solutions, which we will discuss in more detail in this article.

1. In the kitchen

Perhaps this is exactly the place where accumulatesa large number of small items that require organization. Place the measuring containers and their labels on the back door of the kitchen cabinet. It is a good idea to paint the surface with special paint so that you can write on it with chalk, like on a blackboard. Numerous jars with spices can beArrange in several ways. You will need special plastic holders or a magnetic tape (if you decide to pour spices into metal containers). With the help of transparent plastic pockets you can store various goodies or baby food.

2. In the bathroom

Usually there is not much space, and therefore shouldpay special attention to all available doors. Slim wall-mounted drawers can be placed on the inside of the vanity unit under the washbasin. And hide various little things in separate plastic boxes.

3. In the nursery

Small toys and everything your kid needs for creativity can be stored in transparent pockets on the door. Where else to store toys - read on. On the door of the children's wardrobe, fasten special hooks so that you can hang backpacks and bags. On the multi-colored ribbons, the girls will place their collection of ornaments.

4. Cosmetics storage

Fasten on the door small shelves to organize a collection of varnishes. Or use a large magnetic board for shadows and powders. Holders of a more impressive collection canIn addition, use transparent plastic holders. Pay attention to the magnetic tape - it will keep in order the hairpins and scissors for manicure.

5. Ornaments

To place a collection of ornaments on the door, you will need shallow drawers. Various hooks are suitable - they can be bought or made by yourself. And more complex designs - for a rich collection. You can easily make all this beauty with your own hands from improvised materials.

6. The book ... the door?

Instead of cumbersome bookcases, organize bookshelves on the interior doors. Depending on the thickness of the walls, you can place both a few favorite magazines and a small library.

7. We use a wardrobe to complete!

Scarves and hats are conveniently placed on special fasteners. Arrange them in several rows along the entire height. Use a belt system or single hooks to organize your collection of bags.

8. Mounting brackets

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hang clothes or towels on them.

9. Little assistants

Tiny boxes can be very useful. Look for them in the departments for the bathroom and among the goods for the office. And finally - a small bonus. A vertical green garden does not take up much space and every day will cheer you up!, pinterest.Com,,,,,,,,,,