15 stylish ideas for your house in the village

When it comes to moving to a village, beforeWith eyes involuntarily there is a lopsided shack. On the example of our heroes, we will tell you how to create an amazing country house filled with history and enjoy the village life. One day, Sally and Rob Farrow decided to move from the bustling Greenwich to the more tranquil countryside of Lidham Hill. In search of a dream home they took two years, and as a result, the family Farrow became the owner of two houses, connected together. One of them is executed in the Victorian style and decorated with stucco, and the second is a cottage of the XVI century, filled with history and unique interior solutions. Moving heavily influenced Sally and Rob - having taken possession of six acres of land, they decided to become farmers and already keep cows and pigs. It is not an easy task to manage a house and maintain a cosiness in such an unusual house. But Sally and Rob playfully manage to do this, using in the home a lot of subtle tricks of the eye.

15 ideas for a "village house" from Sally and Rob

Do not throw away the old

In pursuit of fashionable novelties and modernDo not hurry to cross out the past with materials. Things with history give the room a family cosiness - tested by generations. Therefore, if you have old furniture at your disposal, do not immediately throw it away. With its help, the interior will acquire vintage chic - at minimal cost. The old dresser, covered with scratches and a touch of history, will perfectly fit into the bedroom. The old wheelchair armchairs, covered with a new cloth, will have a second life. Here you can sit back and relax with a book from the family library. Recognize these carpets? Who would have thought that the object of network ridicule could so organically fit into the interior. Ancient fireplace, retro candelabra and a woodpile move guests of this room at least a couple of centuries ago. Try also to protect from the alteration of the basic elements of the house. For example, this charming ladder of polished red brick owners decided not to change - and correctly done. Beams are an integral part of the construction, erected in the XVI century, and perform a load-bearing function. But nothing prevents you from using decorative imitation. To visually zonate space,Place the beams not on the whole area of ​​the ceiling, but only over a strategically important object. For example above the bed. A smooth transition from the ceiling to the wall visually transforms the space. For walls, you can use a thinner bar or completely avoid imitation. Also pay attention to the unusual antique lamps fixed on the beams. More on how to use beamsChange the interior, read the article on. Who will raise his hand to send to the dump this ancient mirror in a gilded frame? As backups, Sally and Rob used ordinary untreated hemp. Look around and see what else you can use.

Combine the old and new

Shabby parquet pattern, old brickMasonry, powerful oak beams, naturally aged furniture - these things with a story, of course, it is better to leave. With them, the house acquires a character and emphasizes the activity of the owners of the home. Some of them, however, will have to be restored. Or pick something appropriate in style in modern stores - artificially aged things and subtle decorative elements will successfully support such an interior. Pay attention to the legs of this bath. But in some rooms, for example in a nursery,It is better to leave only the elements of antiquity, paying attention to modern furniture and materials. A pink iron bed, butterflies and the head of a unicorn are in the room for a girl. A black hole on the wall, a warning sign on the door and posters with superheroes - for a boy. Bathroom is also made in modernMinimalist style. A large shower room with a transparent glass fence is very useful for our heroes after a whole day of work in the fresh air. How to make repairs in the bathroom? 91 practical advice you can find on.

Create your family nest

This home is made for ages, and the next generation will tell stories about Sally and Rob who created all this beauty. Portraits of children on the walls - an excellent beginning for a new family tradition. If you, like our heroes, have got a house with a history, do not be afraid to go against some decisions of previous owners of the house - after all, now this is your home. So, for example, in the Victorian part of the houseThere are impressive bedrooms and living room, which resulted from the merger of two adjacent rooms. Painted in a muted blue, and the wall next to the fireplace is decorated with a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. Pay attention to the antique lamp on the mantelpiece.

Become closer to nature

Transfer a part of the luxuriant flowering garden into the house - even if it is a vase with fresh tulips, a willow twig or a basket with fresh apples. The room immediately filled with color, aroma and coziness.