15 ideas for creating a kitchen, where you want to spend time

We chase the winter blues with cosmetic repairs.From now on, breakfasts will be not only delicious, but also inspiring. Arm yourself with our advice - and forward to achievements! Summer is getting closer. Snowy winter with sparkling snowflakes and a cheerful crunch underfoot - the "lady" is fickle and rarely lingers where for a long time. That is why this time is associated with us mainly with slush, dampness, dullness, and ubiquitous reagents. A winter morning in the middle lane can hardly be called pleasant, but dreary, gloomy and colorless - quite. Everyone gets out of the current situation as best he can. Someone is preparing incredible breakfasts, someone is hiding in coffee houses, but we will be doing repairs. Minimal antidepressant repair. What “they have” is called a “breakfast nook” in our penates is called a “dining area” - a small table and several chairs in a tiny nook. If you have room for space and endless placement possibilities, we strongly advise you to set up a breakfast nook in the lightest part of your huge kitchen. But where do you start?

5th solutions

  • Cretaceous wall. An exceptionally successful option for families with children. Here you and the lesson for the offspring, and the opportunity to hang your favorite photos from vacation, and a whole wall for nice notes. Pay attention - everything here is exceptionally black and white!
  • Brick wall. Fans of Scandinavian minimalism will appreciate. Rough brick, white alabaster and upholstery for cotton candy chairs. Butterflies on the wall unite the whole composition together and gently remind - let it be summer!
  • Blue. And here you can spend the whole day. Pleasant ornament of heavenly colors, wooden "grandmother's" furniture and many, many details. And by the way, the brass sconce is not just that - the copper base is duplicated in the dishes on the top shelf.
  • Scandinavia. Here it is in its pure form - wood, white paint and glass. Connoisseurs probably convulsively sigh, but lovers of something "smarter" is better to go further. We will quietly admire the sex.
  • Accent wall. Diluted blue shade, favorite little things on the wall and a cozy carpet under your feet. Add to this interior a warm apple pie, fragrant tea - and your day will be done.
  • Another 5 great solutions

  • Balcony. Why not get out of the kitchen and get a little near Nature? A slightly rough style of decoration will make you feel in a completely different place and even time.
  • Style. In our opinion, well, very stylish and modern. The main emphasis is on chairs and textiles. The dark floor ground the light interior, and the fashionable invigorating white-blue-gray palette sets for a positive start to the day, regardless of the weather outside the window.
  • Red and yellow. A strange palette for the kitchen, but it works. The thing is in the right shades - yellow here is diluted, almost transparent, and red - on the contrary, rich and deep, close to the color of the year - marsala. Pay attention to the table with a beveled corner, leave the owners square, around the corner for sure someone would have touched, the kitchen something small.
  • Pastel. A cool mint shade will most likely be in the kitchen of a person with stressful work, in order to imbue with an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Just do not fall asleep.
  • White walls + wallpaper. How to add a sense of femininity and chic to the white kitchen? Paste one wall with wallpaper with a simple, but elegant ornament. And, of course, add colors. As many colors as possible!
  • And 5 more super solutions

  • The sun. Upholstery for chairs, armchairs and sofas can be changed at least every season, especially if you sew covers yourself. In addition to solar upholstery in this corner put a yellow jug and map of the city - in advance to think about the routes of spring walks will be superfluous.
  • Pumpkin. One of the most "kitchen" shades. Warm, cozy, arouses appetite and incredibly summer. In an environment of pumpkin walls you can not be moping any more, even if you want.
  • Painting. In this corner the most important thing is a dynamic canvas on the wall. Notice how it resonates with the pattern of the pillow, the lamp and the Roman curtains. But the rest of the palette - like a good frame, only accentuates these accents.
  • Three in one. Here you can have tea and drink, and work, and lie down with a book. The secret is in simplicity and uniformity: on the floor there is a painted board, on the walls there is a painted lining, the table is old and also painted, the sofa is from IKEA. It's simple.
  • Purple table. Ideal for those who lose weight - this color perfectly reduces appetite. The map on the wall will fill the daily routine of consuming healthy food with a new meaning - it's time to make plans for summer adventures.
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