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15 bathrooms with beautiful wallpaper and tips for choice -


Do you find wallpaper in the bathroom impractical?solution? We hasten to assure you: moisture-resistant models are no worse than tiles, and they are simply very beautiful. In confirmation of this - 15 bathrooms, the interior of which was "made" by wallpaper, and 5 useful tips The phrase "wallpaper in the bathroom" has not seemed a fantasy for a long time. Thanks to modern production technologies, they went beyond the living quarters and reached such areas with a difficult microclimate as the kitchen and the bathroom. Today we share with you basic tips for choosing and show 15 interiors that will convince anyone: - it's cool! Wallpaper in a noble pink shade, an unusual pattern, in a black frame, a crystal chandelier - and before us is not just a bathroom, but a stylish boudoir with a French accent. Is not it nice to start the day with a nightingale trill outside the window? Wallpaper with an ornithological print, perhaps, will not provide the singing of real birds, but they will definitely help to cheer up. The following photo convincingly proves that complex geometric patterns are perfectly combined with texture and symmetrical lamps in a modern style. Wallpaper, imitating books, quite popular and alreadyHad a little bored. Refresh the "book" theme in the bathroom will help another, more original print: for example imitation of torn pages instead of classic roots on a bookshelf. Motives of Oriental art are always interestingLook in the interior. The carp wallpapers send us to traditional Japanese painting and at the same time look very appropriate in a room directly connected with water. If you move a little to the south-west, you can discover another facet of ethnic motives in the bathroom, this time Indian. Wallpapers in tropical style perfectly combined with white color, woven items and gilded details. Those who are not afraid of experimentation and love brightInteriors, wallpaper with an interesting and even slightly extravagant design. And in order not to overdo it with motley, you can only cover the top half of the walls, and for the bottom choose a more restrained monophonic finish. Who said that wallpaper with tropical plantsCan only be green? We have an excellent example of a blue-and-white variation, which is also perfectly combined with a black tile "under the brick" and chrome plumbing. Steampunk crept up unnoticed and got toInteriors. Bronze pipes flowing into the lamps, the marble countertop of the shell, again the black tile "under the brick" - and all this against the background of wallpaper with unusual ornaments. Dilute the sterile whiteness of the bathroom will help bright wallpaper with a large floral pattern. One bright color as an accent is required. These wallpaper with fresh botanical ornament are beautiful in themselves, and the keys hidden in green make them original and a little mysterious. This figure, probably already familiar to everyone, and he does notCeases to be deservedly popular. You can combine it with wooden textures, metal plumbing and a mirror in an exquisite frame, as if straight from the royal palace. The original and very "natural" print, reminiscent of a cut of some mineral, is perfectly combined with white tiles and bold art objects like an artificial skull of an animal. Where there is water, there are always ships, and in their bathroom one can put their drawings, as if painted on the wall with chalk. What you need to know when choosing wallpaper in the bathroom

  • As the bathroom is a room with increasedMoisture, choose only moisture-resistant wallpaper: vinyl, liquid, self-adhesive, fiberglass or any washable - they are impregnated with a special water-repellent liquid.
  • Use all the advantages of wallpaper, the main of which is the ability to hide wall defects. The more noticeable, the more contrasting and abstract the drawing must be.
  • Even moisture resistant wallpaper is better additionallyTreat with antifungal solution, and also make sure that the bathroom can be regularly and well ventilated. This will prevent mold from appearing on the wallpaper and prolong the life of the mold.
  • Combine the finishing materials. Of course, wallpaper can be pasted all four walls from floor to ceiling, but no less interesting, they look combined with the tiles. It is better to use it directly in the shower or bath area.
  • Wallpaper can also visually resizeBathroom: vertical stripes stretch it in height, and horizontal - in width. Use the properties of colors and wallpaper drawings to create the right proportions.