15 secret rooms -


Do not know where to hide from the household and finish reading, finally, a book? Our selection will inspire you to a thorough solution of the problem of the "surplus of communication"

Fans of stories about a young short-sighted wizardprobably remember the second part of his adventure, where there is a brilliant architectural and antiscientific invention called the "secret room". "Ah, how many things could have been left behind the walls of this antispace," sighed the adults. "That's where you can hide candy and video set-top box with a 3D TV," - no less sadly lamented other adults.

Our full-time editorial staff re-read the "very same book" a few days ago and decided to look for variants of secret rooms existing in objective reality. That's what we found.

Why make a secret from an ordinary door to the stairs? The thing is that the living room with the shelves is through, and creating an organic interior in a room with an "extra" door is not so simple.

Children are cleaner Bond like "encrypted." Zaimet own secret place, albeit with an area of ​​several meters, is almost the main dream of any child who realized that "everything in this house is both plates and responsibility".

But this secret passage leads to the "adult gambling". With a home theater and billiards. What did you think?

For the youngest one there was not an attic? He will relish the sub-litter space with pleasure. The main thing is to make the door as invisible as possible.

In a house where there are really many books, even ordinary doors are considered wasteful.

And again, a tiny happiness for posterity is its own door. Only for him. Or for her.

The pantry is an occasion for business pride, however, for the sake of a beautiful interior, even this "female happiness" sometimes has to be turned into a secret.

The secret exit from the library to the dining room is a small whim of the bookworm.

Those who are young in spirit, see miracles even in doorhandles. In order to preserve the freshness of their eternal inner component, some people sometimes hide in rooms with doors through which no crouching can pass only a greedy underground citizen.

Give two floors at once to children - it's terribly wasteful! But does not your inner child squeal with anticipation of this happiness?

A secret room for an adult tired of everyday fuss contains very little: a comfortable sofa, a TV and good sound insulation.

There were times when to send a child to the stairs was a punishment. But after the famous seven-book people all over the world, regardless of age, dreams of a cozy corner in this space.

There are among us also those who retire solely to achieve a deeper merger with their creative self. In this example, we see the secret corner of just such an introvert creator.

The appointment of this tiny arch remains a mystery,however, we have plenty of options. First, four-footed family members in such a small room will be very pleased to give life to offspring. Secondly, the upright households in the puberty can hide here from the outside world and patiently wait out hard times in the company with the audio player. But this move is for gnomes.