16 trends of interior decoration - 2016 -


The new year brought new seasonal trends and food for thought. We have collected 16 of the brightest things and phenomena that will be relevant all year, and maybe longer. That would collect all of this in one interior!

The past year turned out to be rich in the mostvarious trends - from all shades of gray in the interiors of absolutely any price gradation to the triumphant return of paper wallpaper to the interior. What has the new 2016 prepared for us? We'll find out now. 1. Large knitting

Woolen textiles with very large hand-knitted fabricsAppeared not yesterday, but began to attract widespread attention a few months ago. The feeling of comfort and warmth from such gizmos, many of which the authors knit simply with their hands, without needles and hooks, is difficult to overestimate. In such rugs you want to hide from the head. And already if you decide to give someone something similar in this way, prepare for a stream of delight and joy. 2. Author's ceramics

Maybe it's the crisis that makes usTurn around in search of something familiar, native and stable, or this simple and natural desire to maximize individualization of space, but now with every day the popularity of handicrafts is growing, especially in thin-walled eastern ceramics. 3. Suede

Now this material is found more often in new collections of clothes and smoothly migrates to the interiors. Here, suede primarily acts as an upholstery upholstery. 4. Table textiles in country style

Forget about the golden rings for napkins and expensive silk, henceforth in the trend of simple materials, the usual ornaments and the most basic forms. 5. Multilayered

In this case, we are talking about seemingly completely incompatible materials, which, however, work perfectly together and produce an indelible external effect. 6. Victorian traits

An established idea of ​​high cost and inaccessibilityAll Victorian in fact is far from the truth. Victorian decor is gaining popularity, which means it will soon show its "face" on the shelves of interior shops. 7. Fringe

She came last season along with the fashion for the style of the hippies and, judging by the increasing turnover, is not going to give up positions. 8. Wood and glass

What designers now create with just two of these materials, a few years ago, caused almost a sacred awe. Today it is a winning trend. 9. Gold Kitchen Accessories

Speech, of course, is about the color of the metal. By the way, now interiors are becoming popular, where several metallic shades are combined at once. 10. Blankets

Want to be in a trend - learn how to beautifully lay out rugs in the style of "a la domestic negligence." Examples are found on the pages of all glossy magazines about interiors. 11. Rose quartz and serenity

It's not about the art-house drama, but about the next decision of the Pantone color institute with respect to the shades of the year. 13. Naked nature

This season, the style of a bungalow, a wabi-sabi and a "hardcore" chalet with a textured, weather-beaten tree and coarse natural textures is again relevant. 12. Large-scale art objects

To impart artistic value to largeDecorating objects in the frames is not necessary, but we would highly recommend exhibiting your favorite posters, photographs and drawings in large format this season. 14. Tropics

If in your collection of indoor plants there are exotic specimens, consider that you are already in a trend, if not, start looking for a suitable option in a flower shop. 15. Retro

Items with a history are again in demand, and, as before, the retro scurf is not forbidden to create by own strength, patination for example. 16. Pink Gold

This trend has come to the interiors of jewelry fashion. It seems that it is already possible to predict the development of decorating trends based on current trends in other spheres of life.