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19 fashionable types of decoration of garden paths made of natural stone


You want to bring something new into your garden,Slightly changing it. You just feel that he does not have enough raisins. Try to make a path made of natural stone. And we'll tell you which one is more suitable for your garden. The path in the garden is an element of its status. If the path is matched to the general style of the garden, it seamlessly merges with it, emphasizing the surrounding beauty. If not - begins to dissonant with the landscape so much that you involuntarily recall the saying: like a saddle on a cow.

A fairytale path

You are like in a fairy forest. A path of scattered stones leads you through the garden to its most beautiful corners. The natural style of the landscape only strengthens this feeling.

Natural landscape

This is another example of a natural landscape, butAlready without a magic touch. The stones for such a path are selected unprocessed, of a very different shape. And certainly no question can go about polishing them to gloss.

Multicolored path

A path made up of stones of different colors, equally good for both garden and

Different from all

It is not necessary to use strictly natural stone. You can do and artificial. With it, you create a funky track, that is, different from all.


You can organically combine a path and a ladder, as if we are weaving one into another. It is not only beautiful, but also functional.


One track across the garden is not entirely convenient. So many places to get to, and preferably not over wet grass. An extensive network of paths adds to the landscape of lightness and a little playfulness.

Flinders on the road

Do not throw away pieces of concrete, fragments of old plates and unused stones. Of these, you can build a path in an eclectic style, mixing diverse materials. It will be unusual and very beautiful.

In the Asian style

This path for a house or garden, decorated in Asian style. This track is well suited for lighting from small flashlights.

Large slabs

Despite the large size of these stone slabs, they also make the courtyard more comfortable, organically woven into the overall composition. The grass between the stones only emphasizes their natural origin.


When you decompose the stones, you can fill the spaceBetween them gravel, sand, pebbles. This will give an unusual look to your path. Depending on the appearance of the material, such a path can be used as the main one, for the garden, or secondary, for reaching the back of the yard.


Show creativity, laying out your garden path with a mosaic of stones. If you catch the tone of the whole composition, your path will become an integral part of the garden, despite the unique design.


If you are a fan of strict style, without directPaths you can not do. In this case, there is no need to run two parallel straight lines through the garden. Geometric effect will also produce perfectly flat rectangles arranged in the desired order.

Stone path

The path can be paved with cobblestone, or you can simply large pieces of stones, giving it the appearance of a stone path. The main thing is that the material is laid securely.


Framing from flowers displays a path from the secondary elements of the garden to the main ones. And the path itself sets the overall rhythm of the whole landscape picture.

Curved path

Of course, from the point A to the point B it is easiest to lay a straight line. But if it's a garden path, is it really necessary? The ornate path looks not always chic, but certainly charming.


Pieces of old granite in flower arrangementLook exquisitely. The cold granite is balanced by bright blooming greenery, which resembles old aristocratic castles with their park-landscape design.


This track is made in a contrast style. Against the backdrop of the natural landscape, the fringing of bricks stands out sharply, making the path look like a frozen surface of water.


If your garden begins right outside the gate, then not a narrow, frail path should lead to your home, but a beautiful wide road. This not only decorates the local area, but also gives the house solidity.

Beauty and mystery

Finish each stone and lay them with ribbon. This track will look even more beautiful and mysterious if it has bends and swings.