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20 small beautifully decorated bathrooms -


Do you doubt that a small bathroom can be attractive? Our collection of 20 small, and often even tiny bathrooms and toilets will prove to you once and for all - size does not matter

A small bathroom is an excellent source forInspiration and the unfolding of new opportunities for modern manufacturers of sanitary ware. After all, as it turned out, sinks, toilets and baths are now produced in the most unusual shapes and sizes. As for the decoration of walls, floors and ceilings, here in general one can work miracles. You are not limited in the choice of color, a black bathroom can look enchanting regardless of the shapes and sizes, materials can be used in a variety of ways, and at the same time, for example, brick, mosaic and photographic prints. In other words, you are free to choose, you will succeed, we believe in you.