20 most effective summer showers for summer cottages

How nice it is to refresh yourself after sunnyBaths or work in the garden! In this article, we picked up photos of the most beautiful and unusual options for arranging a summer shower that will inspire you to water procedures in the fresh air. Summer is the time when you want to escape from a metropolis to a green villa. And this is a wonderful opportunity to change the tiny bathrooms, which residents of most apartments have to settle for, to a simple and functional solution called "summer shower". And if the incomprehensible design that the neighbor uses makes you despondent, it does not matter. Here are 20 stylish examples!

Without fuss

Natural colors and materials, fresh greens andAbsence of superfluous partitions - what else is needed to unite with nature? When there is no hurry, you can lie down and dream a little. The first idea is very simple in execution - for the design of this corner used a usual lining, painted in graphite color (by the way, the most fashionable color for finishing the tree in this season).

Behind a stone wall

The masonry, reminiscent of knight castles, will make you feel like a real princess. Or a prince? Holders for towels can be disguised between the stones. And here's another. The natural stone always looks impressive, especially when it comes to such impressive sizes.

Do not pry!

In such a soul it is easy to hide from prying eyes. In quality one can use unusual containers, and for a good mood decorate them with amusing or motivating inscriptions.

Dreams of the Tropics

The bamboo enclosure casts thoughts about the tropics, and fresh greens above the head only strengthens this impression. However, the stems of bamboo can be used not only as an obstacle. How do you like this water pipe made of natural materials? To achieve complete unity with nature, arrange in the shower a real green garden. Just pick up plants that feel good in a humid environment.

Do not go far

The owners of this house arranged a summer shower right on the doorstep. And that, an open veranda does not have to be used for lavish feasts!

More fun

Using tiles and mosaic in the bathroomAlready no one is surprised. But when it comes to the summer soul, you can afford more bright colors and unexpected combinations. If you have, they will surely appreciate this carefree lizard.

The occasion for pride

Unusual decorative elements, whether it's a shower roomWatering can of fancy shape or a panel in oriental style, will not only give the character of summer to the soul, but also make this place a source of pride - you can safely show your friends and catch compliments!,,,,,,,,