Small bathroom interior

20 great ideas for a small bathroom

Another example of the intricacies characteristic ofhouses of the Stalinist and Khrushchev era. Owners of such dwellings face an unpleasant problem - lack of space. It is especially difficult to decide, because it happens that its area does not exceed 3 square meters. m In fact, it is possible to make the bathroom functional without sacrifices on the aesthetic side of the interior. To do this, there are several specific subtleties:

  • instead of a washbasin-tulip, stop your choice on a rack with shelves at the top or a cabinet below. Both hygiene products and towels can be stored in them;
  • get a smaller bath, for example, sit-down. This will significantly save precious space. Models are not inferior to the usual in appearance and quality;
  • Give preference to a shower stall, then the room will also accommodate more.

In addition, let's cheat and visuallet's increase the bathroom! To do this, first, choose a large size, it visually expands the space. Secondly, stick to light shades in the interior. You can make bright accents in the form of contrasting towels, rugs for the legs, shower curtains.