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20 non-standard solutions for bedrooms

You probably already have a lot of ideas about how you canDecorate a new bedroom, but we still ask you to think a little more. The fact is that the bedroom can become something more than just a room for sleeping. The bedroom is an intimate space, closed from the looks of outsiders, and therefore it can be decorated in the most unusual way. So, all ideas, for whatever reasons, which seemed to you risky for use in the living room or in the kitchen, can be fully realized here.

1. Where to put the bed?

This is really an important question, because afterYou probably will be very difficult to make a serious rearrangement. The maximum comfortable arrangement of the bed is opposite the door, that is, the headboard must rest against the wall opposite the entrance to the room. To put a bed on a diagonal is only in case of acute on that necessity: such games with geometry never go to the space for good. But when decorating the headboard you can afford and freedom. For example, increase it to the size of the wall or, conversely, turn the wall into the head of the bed in the main accent of the room, painting it in a contrasting color, pasting the wallpaper or finishing it with a chalky surface. The latter option will give you the opportunity to paint yourself a new headboard every day.

2. Do I need night tables?

We decided on the bed. Now we need to understand where the lamps, alarm clock and a stack of favorite books will be located. Functionally, the bedside tables can be replaced with pull-out tables or even a niche at the head of the bed, however we recommend to think carefully before giving up such a bright interior detail. After all, with its help in the situation you can add a new shade, texture, and also emphasize the geometricity of the interior. If the tables are not needed or there is simply no place for them, arrange a niche or shelf at the head of the bed. If desired, you can turn the whole wall into a rack and even push it forward, creating a half open space for the dressing room behind the bed.

3. What to do with the ceiling?

The most logical answer may be the mostWrong. In the bedroom, we are most often in a horizontal position, which means that we are forced to look up day after day for many years. Does whitening still seem to be an ideal solution for you? No? Then think about which decor will most suit your interior: beams, complex terrain, bare concrete or intricate lighting? Or maybe you should turn the ceiling into the main color accent of the room and paint it in a trendy turquoise now or hang a swing?

4. How many light sources should there be?

If you do not plan to arrange in the bedroomCabinet, it will be enough to have one common ceiling lamp and a pair of local sconces or floor lamps. As a reading lamp, we recommend choosing a model with adjustable light intensity. Having included such a lamp in the middle of the night, you will be pleasantly surprised, because you do not need to squint anymore.

5. Do you need chairs in the bedroom?

The answer to this question can not be unambiguous. If you are going to put a dressing table here, then, of course, you need a chair or a small armchair. If there is practically no free space for them, or any additional piece of furniture seems superfluous, select a transparent plastic model, for example, the "invisibility chair" of the Ghost Chair from Philippe Starck. In the presence of free space, as well as a huge window with a decent view from it, an armchair (together with a small table) can be set opposite. Arranging a sofa in a large bedroom is also a good solution, especially if the area allows you to do this and if there is a desire to retire with loved ones in the bedroom.,, hiconsumption.Com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,