20 bathrooms for a country house with chic views of nature -


Bathroom in a country house is usually muchMore and more comfortable, his city sister. And if you supplement it with a window overlooking the nature, then you can get lost in time. Our today's collection is just about such breathtaking bathrooms

A country house many of us deservedly rankTo some equivalent of freedom. Own land under your feet, neighbors from which separates not a wall, but at least several meters of open space, a clear sky above your head and not a single high-rises nearby.

As a rule, the country house reflects our ideas about cosiness and beauty to the greatest extent. Here we can afford seemingly impossible for a city dweller.

Some who even decide on panoramic glazing,But here of course there are some nuances - for a start you will need a firm belief that no one will see you before the windows or even at a decent distance, so you have to solve the heating problem, for our latitudes this problem is quite acute.

However, we are sure, if you were lucky enoughTo get a plot or even a whole house with a splendid view of nature, no matter what is forest, mountains or water, consider the option of panoramic windows for a bathroom you simply owe. In our opinion, eclipsing nature can notOne creation of human hands, but these same hands can frame grandeur and disobedience with a worthy frame. In our case, a minimalist, laconic bathroom interior.

Among the recent innovations, as an illustration, we selected several collections, the company Villeroy & Boch.

Shells from the Legato collection due to bevelled edges and LED as if floating above the thumbs. Storage systems in this series are made with the use of the now-current non-surgical technology.

In addition to the thumbs, the collection is represented by a vast number of items for additional storage in nine design options.

Legato toilet bowls are equipped with a DirectFlus system, a function of directional water flow and protection from splashes.

As an addition to the cabinets and cabinets without handlesYou can purchase one of the premium shells, for example, a geometric overhead sink from the collection of Loop & Friends with a wide selection of shapes - a square, a circle, a rectangle and an ellipse.

The shell from Memento collection is characterized by strictLines and clear garnishes, Subway 2.0 is represented by spectacular ceramic models with clean shapes, in the Architectura series you can pick up square, rectangular and round overhead sinks, Artis models are made of thin but very durable ceramics. All these models will perfectly fit in the bathroom equipped with items from the Legato collection and will be an excellent base for a bathroom with a luxurious view of nature.