20 bedrooms with a spring mood

Want to wake up early in the morning from intoxicatingAroma of spring? Do you dream of getting rid of winter stiffness and hibernation as soon as possible? Following our advice, you can easily create a spring mood in your bedroom. Light, color and fresh air are the main ingredients that will help you achieve what you want. And if you can not overdo it with light and fresh air in principle, you should take a much more critical approach to color selection.


But let's start with light. Its really a lot outside the window. And our task is to run it into the room. Therefore, first of all we get rid of heavy, dense winter curtains. On freshly washed window hang curtains light bright or light-colored blinds. Pay attention to the drawing and blinds: it is he who can bring that spring note into the general mood.


Fresh warm air easily penetrates intoRoom through an open window. But if you are still under a thick winter blanket, it is unlikely that you will be able to enjoy the spring freshness. Therefore, the next step is down thick quilts and huge down pillows. Bedding must also match the time of the year. Pay attention to accessories. If there are too many of them, consider whether they are all needed. Get rid of those that you do not use or even stopped noticing. It is better to add a few bright juicy stains in the form of textiles. Your room will immediately seem more spacious, and in it as if spring air will be added.


And now the color. Of course, away all the dark dark colors, wherever they are: furniture, curtains, wallpaper, carpet on the floor, pictures. Spring mood of your bedroom you, and design drawings. Venus Safonova, designer: - Spring mood creates both a color and a general ecological attitude. It can be pacifying light green, gentle-lilac shades of walls and draperies in combination with light wood floor and furniture, which give the bedroom a color "ecological". This feeling can also be emphasized by painting over the head of the bed - the corner of a flowering garden. The bedroom furniture is laconic and elegant, perhaps, a white leather bed, a dressing table and bedside tables, a built-in wardrobe with a lattice of sliding glass doors.

Pictures and posters

Pay attention to the themes of paintings, tapestries,Posters hanging in your bedroom. If it is a winter landscape, it is better to remove it before the next cold season. Nothing to replace the usual pictures on the wall? Find in your archive photos with bright spring and summer landscapes, perhaps your personal photos on vacation against the background of the sea, green park, spring mountains - print out and hang in the frame, the warm season will burst into your room. Alexander Kazakov, designer: - There is not always an opportunity to make cardinal changes in the design of the room. If the floor or ceiling in your bedroom is dark, and you would like at least temporarily to get rid of the dark palette, lay a light carpet on the floor. From the ceiling you can shield yourself with a light light air canopy above the bed. Or another option: replace the chandelier in your bedroom with a bright colored lampshade. He will dispel all winter gravity and create the necessary mood. Put in the room a large light vase filled with your favorite colors. And you will feel the spring before you open your eyes in the morning.