20 delightful, not only molded sockets -


Moldings and stucco, in your opinion, have outlived themselves? We are ready to argue with you, waving pictures from this collection!

Modern designers love to mix the era anddilute the glossy minimalism with textured objects with a rich history. And they like to create something new from what has not been forgotten yet. For example, stucco rosettes today can be found both in their original form, with a bright painting, and in ultramodern reading - already completely not stucco, but still rosettes. However, in our opinion, even unpretentious gypsum copies painted with a ceiling in a saturated or, on the contrary, dusty shade, are still able to make an indelible impression. What can we say about carved, antique samples - incredible beauty and rich history, which can not only touch, but also make part of its quite modern home.