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24 fashionable ways of laying out a board and a parquet -


Wooden floors from fashion will never come out, that's why the methods of work with them are only added. In this material, we will clearly demonstrate that at times new is only slightly reworked classics

We do not glorify flooringwe'll never tire. Today we decided to pay attention to the ways of laying boards and parquet. In fact, they can not be counted, but in order not to load you with an infinite number of mosaic drawings, we decided to limit ourselves to the 24 most popular ones.

In the presence of a living imagination, each of the proposed schemes can be implemented in several ways. For example, replacing part of the wooden segments with elements from another material.

Here is a vivid example of how absolutely fantastically you can zonirovat kitchen area with the help of flooring.

In this case, the authors did not adjust the color solution of each board to a common denominator, which resulted in a very unusual mosaic effect.

Here, a glossy black tile with white fine "sprays" creates a sense of the starry sky beneath your feet.

Another interesting solution with the use of another material - in this case marble. For the hallway is perfect.

The option with active sex is always a risk. Here the sex is not balanced, let's hope that this photo is "in the process".

Concrete - the material, when working with which you can really walk. In tandem with a natural tree it looks very stylish. And here is the classic Christmas tree, only the boards are non-standard - wide.

Here are such "aged" boards with hallmarks can be ordered in a carpentry workshop and decorate, for example, a drawing room in a country house.

Thanks to the old boards, the completely classical "unfolded square" scheme acquired a completely new sound.

At first glance, the brick floor actually turned out to be a fabulously beautiful coating of hemp.

And again a large-scale variation on the topic of classics. And here is a brick. This kitchen is not ready yet, but we are sure - the final pictures will be stunning.