25 houses, which is pleasant to dream an autumn evening

If you want to buy or build a house, why notDo not look out for something unusual? Today we will go on an exciting journey and see amazing houses. We picked up for you 25 beautiful options, which are nice to dream Everyone imagines a dream house in their own way: someone loves small, original buildings, and some like real castles. Wherever the house is, in the forest or on the ocean, the main thing is that you like it.

A house like the Hobbit

True fans of "The Lord of the Rings" will appreciatea house like that of the Hobbit. And nature lovers will like this idea. Unity with the surrounding nature is a very urgent topic today. This dwelling is suitable as a small corner for the soul of those who seek natural magic and solitude.

The hut is for the Russian soul

The hut is one of the characteristic elementsRussian culture and still remains an outlet for the Russian people. This is a national flavor, a symbol of Russia, which is always at the peak of popularity, no matter where in the world you are. The architecture of the Russian hut is constantly changing, becoming more complex, and taking on unexpected forms. Such a structure can stand for centuries, despite the fact that the main building material is wood.

Like in a fairy tale

Dreaming of enhanced comfort in stylemedieval castle? Then pay attention to the fabulous samples in luxurious execution. Such a property on a separate island or on the top of the mountain will long please its owners and their future descendants.

To merge with nature: houses with beautiful views and in unexpected places

The desire to dissolve in nature gives rise to interestingand unusual solutions. It is wonderful to observe wildlife without leaving your home. How do you like such unexpected ideas: a house on the water, a tree as part of the interior, “drown” in the green mountains, merge with the local landscape on your terrace? Our opinion: - If you have the opportunity to create a second terrace area, do not give up this idea. An additional seating area on a different level will allow you to see the surrounding beauty from a completely different angle.

Miniature children's houses

Our dreams of a beautiful home originate inchildhood. Build a miniature orphanage for your children, believe me, you will be pleased to watch them. For boys, the playhouse will become a real fortress, and for girls - a fairytale castle. Children will be happy to play in such a home. At the dacha, this is a great option: children are busy and in the fresh air. Our opinion: - If your kids dreamed of a tree house, and you do not have a garden, then give preference to a house on stilts. In this case, in the free space under the house, you can build a sandbox.