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25 stylish bedrooms with hanging lamps -


You like your bedroom, but latelyBegan to creep in the thought that the interior does not have enough raisins, some kind of chip that completes the details? We know what to offer you - suspended bedside lamps! Stylish, unusual, fresh and very impressive

Are you tormented by a speculative question, which bedside lamp to choose? Look closely at the pendant models, there is a great variety of their variations. And really in the effectiveness they just can not refuse.

Pay attention, the lamps are like drops of water, ready to fall on the undulating bedside tables. The blue wall in the headboard can be considered a confirmation of the theory.

With proper work with the architecture of space, even such prosaic things as the gray palette and natural wood can be turned into something stylish, unusual and at the same time very tender.

Here the theme of living nature is brought to the absolute. Only we think that the bedside tables look like stylish minimalist shells?

Notice how actively the theme of rectangular structures is played in this bedroom and how everything looks like thanks to it.

The most, in our opinion, the spring bedroom of all presented.

And here in the world the main role. Have you noticed that bedside lamps are not only completely different, but also suspended at different levels?

Yes, sometimes blinds can be used as a decorative element.

An interesting approach to the choice of materials, due, most likely, a kind of wood theme - natural textiles, wood, fur and a birdcage lamp. Here the whole story looms.

A complex and incredibly stylish decor with a mass of very different but not contradictory details.

Sometimes the simplest in construction fixtures create a completely fantastic game of light and shadow.

In this interior, the fixtures were clearly selected under the bedside tables. Or vice versa.

Lamps in this case are completely unobtrusive and at the same time quite spectacular.

If you are lost in guesswork, how to decorate an empty wall at the head of the bed, pick up the fixtures on suspensions with a eye-catching design. Precisely do not lose.

It is also not forbidden to use pendant lamps with tabletops. Who will prohibit you, in fact?

One of the most important moments, in our opinion, is a well thought out location of the switches.

A very diverse space with lots of interesting details. The luminaire, however, is not lost on the background of bright textures, but, on the contrary, acts as a kind of accent.

Again, the theme of the sea, only in this case a more diffuse, symbolic - the lights here like bubbles of air on the "water", blue background of the headboard.

Fans of crystal chandeliers and luxury hotels will appreciate this option.

Scandinavian style in all its splendor - bleached shades, natural wood and a lamp, "wrapped" on the hook. Very stylish, bright and extraordinary. We advise you to take a closer look.