25 turquoise interiors that will inspire you to repair -


Whether you love turquoise or not, it doesn't matter.Viewing turquoise interiors selected by us will not leave you indifferent. Immediately you will want to repaint the walls and buy a turquoise sofa. Why? We'll Tell You The Perfect Color Turquoise is undeservedly overlooked. Most often it can be seen in the bathroom. But turquoise looks great in the living room and bedroom, creates comfort and a feeling of coolness. It is the unique poise of turquoise that makes it the undisputed leader in color. Turquoise is ideal for both the eyes and the psyche: it has both blue, which we associate with the vastness of the sky and coolness, and green, reminiscent of spring and renewal. In general, the cold turquoise color in the interior is more suitable for sunny areas, in which it carries the necessary coolness, freshness, purity and airiness. If we are talking about the interior in the country style, then in turquoise it is better to put individual pieces of furniture, a panel on the wall or textiles, and the main color can be any pastel warm shade. In ethnic interiors with oriental themes turquoise can be used in large quantities for decoration of upholstered furniture, textiles, decorative pillows, canopies and lamps. Art-styles offer interesting, but complex for the perception of a mixture of shades. In such styles, pure turquoise will perfectly fit in combination with black or chocolate color. You can use turquoise shades in stylemodern (muffled or greenish-turquoise), in retro style, in the style of glamor and even in minimalistic interiors. As an accent color, you can also use hi-tech turquoise, but here there should be only one accent. In any interior, you can add turquoise so that the space is played with new faces. Room decoration Perfect for a living roomthe interior is in turquoise colors, the main thing is that the space is large and bright. Then turquoise can be chosen as the main color. Turquoise patterned walls look great in a classic living room or an English style living room. Since one of the uses of turquoise isrelaxation and pacification, it can also be used for a bedroom. Usually in the bedroom only the head of the bed is executed in turquoise color, but even the walls, if they are framed with white beams or columns, will look unobtrusive. For kitchens, you can also choose this shade. And although you usually leave turquoise for details, for example for a kitchen apron or chair cushions, you can create chic kitchens with turquoise facades or part of the facades, which indicates the versatility of the turquoise color. It is worth noting that the bathroom playsthe role is not only the right combination of turquoise with different shades, but also the harmony of textures. Insanely beautiful will look like a bathroom that combines a matte and glossy finish with materials of various turquoise hues. Exquisite turquoise color in the interior of the house can berecognize the favorite of this year due to its versatility and at the same time uniqueness - it is ideal for interior design in a marine style. If you add details of a saturated blue color, you will get a bright and joyful room - and this can be a living room, an office, and a nursery for a teenage boy. In the turquoise nursery for the girl, you can add yellow, pink or lavender color. In combination with gray, pink or purple turquoise will make your bedroom fantastically cozy and romantic. Unfortunately, many people now consider turquoise andthe maritime theme is hackneyed, outdated. However, looking at the photo with modern materials and technologies used in the repair, one can understand that this is a classic. And if it is very difficult for you to decide on the color palette of the room, you can always keep this color in service, and then complement it with various accents. Turquoise in interior design is one of the leaders that is undeservedly little used. The choice of a turquoise interior speaks of good taste and the desire for a calm, one might even say relaxing atmosphere. If this is your decision, then be sure: you made the right choice! Tips for using turquoise

  • Of course, in the sunny rooms turquoise looksvery beautiful. At the same time he is one of those few colors that look great in the rooms on the shady side of the house. The color does not get dirty like, for example, yellow or salmon. Turquoise and remains in the shade turquoise.
  • One of the best combinations is turquoise + coral. Coral can be curtains or wallpaper or sofa.
  • Another unexpected and successful combination: turquoise + marsala (raspberry-burgundy). It looks solemn, perfect for holidays.
  • And the freshest combination is turquoise + lime. This can be called a unique trend, in which two bright colors interact. Suitable for both teen rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • If you really like the turquoise color, but you are a little afraid of it, try to paint only one wall in turquoise - the effect will surpass all expectations.
  • And if you use the following advice -please send a photo! Because the editorial office is very fond of rooms with turquoise ceilings. Color and do not even think whether it will be combined with everything or not. Remember the spring sky - is it important that under it, if it's great ?!
  • As a bonus, we apply a palette of turquoise tones. That same tiffany is not here, but that's exactly the tone you just know. And the other shades of turquoise?