Garden and plot

25 bright verandas, number 7 above all praises

Again, all summer spend in the country without a break? You are lucky: with our helpful advice and fresh ideas it will not be difficult to equip the veranda of the villa so that with the time spent there, no trips will equal. The most actual ideas of summer decoration of verandas, terraces and patios are associated with Bohème style (abbreviated Bohème - Bohemia ). But its name is not so important, as its main principle - organized luxury disorder - promotes an easy and unconstrained self-expression through bright decor and natural materials available in a variety of shops selling things and home textiles, from IKEA to Zara Home.

Mixing styles, patterns, materials

Fill the veranda with your favorite things with a story -furniture from the loft, chairs from the flea market, bedspreads from the grandmother's trunk. And do not be afraid to mix ethnic patterns with floral, artificial fur with metal, and oriental carpets with Scandinavian design furniture. More soft draperies and around. Key words - brightness and comfort. And from the feeling of simple disorder all this rattling mixture will save, of course, your artistic taste and ability to feel harmony and stop in time.

Dreams of travel

Decorate the terrace with souvenirs from all corners of the world. Lamps from Morocco, Turkish carpets, Chinese lanterns, textiles with Mexican patterns - all the items that please you will fit into the design. Let your veranda be a place of gathering pilgrims, where for a cup of tea or lemonade each guest will be able to tell about his adventures.

Canopies, hammocks and tents

Comfort is a soft touch of textiles, tothe same also protects you from the scorching sun. And from the fabric you can make canopies, tents and tents in the fresh air, as a reminder of the romance of the nomadic life, but without inconvenience and asceticism. On your veranda there is only fairy-tale beauty, oriental negativity and rest in hammocks. And in the evening you can and need to hide from mosquitoes under a mosquito net and imagine that you are in a magical tent.

Luxurious lighting

Evening - not an excuse to leave the street, fun onlybegins. From the cold you will be protected by burning candles (just be careful), and from the darkness - the most luxurious pendant lamps and garlands. Time is the way you always dreamed, and a holiday.

Freedom of creativity

You are free to create in your house. First of all, store a lot of pillows to rest in comfort. If there is a secluded corner on the terrace - why not install a bathroom there? With your own hands, just make a curtain of stripes of colorful fabric - by the way, it looks great and as a background for photos. A mirror in a luxurious frame on the fence will not only illuminate the entire courtyard with sunny rabbits, but also visually add space. And if you do not plan to buy - put on the terrace an old bed and decorate it for your taste with bright veils. Now you have a fabulous veranda for an unforgettable holiday!,