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26-meter flat from plywood, which evokes love for small-sized

How to make a successful redevelopment? Why plywood? Is it possible to place on 26 square meters everything necessary for life, and how in one room to allocate a place for a sleeping area? Answers - in our article Only a few when repairing and redeveloping the apartment comes to mind to use for this plywood, but this looks very stylish.

A tiny apartment for a young family

Now it is fashionable to get rid of partitions inpremises, and in some cases, on the contrary, they are required. For example, from one space it is necessary to create two private zones and one common one. Let's see how the architectural bureau Clare Cousins ​​Architects from Australia coped with this task. It was remodeling a one-room apartment for a young family who was expecting a child on that coin. It was required to make two isolated rooms in a small area.

Plywood in the interior

The apartment is located in Melbourne (Australia).One of the wishes of the owners was the rational use of a small area (only 26 square meters). It was also very important for a married couple that eco-friendly materials were used in the decoration of the apartment. To find a compromise, Australian architects suggested looking at pine plywood. These are minimal costs, excellent quality and quick results. Natural coniferous wood is characterized by high resinousness, therefore it has excellent antiseptic properties. Also from pine it is considered the strongest, at the same time light and pliable to work. It is from this type that partitions and floors are most often made. Which was necessary in this case. The apartment owners also wanted to resolve the issue with storage locations. And plywood coped well with this task. In a small space, it was possible to accommodate a sufficient number of shelving and built-in wardrobes. At the same time, the appearance of the apartment only won. She looks laconic, light and free.

Sliding doors

Between the partitions put sliding doors. From the point of view of practicality, such doors create more space when they hide inside the partition. Sliding doors are also good for safety reasons if small children grow up in the house. Excludes the possibility of injury, as it can be with swing options.

Bedroom on the platform

In this small apartment there was a place forsmall bedroom. It was built in a plywood niche, which was slightly raised. This allowed the creation of additional storage systems. The step-protrusion, which is located in front of the entrance to the room, can be used as a bench.

Why choose a plywood

Pine plywood is capable of creating indoormore light and a warm atmosphere. It is a sheet material glued from wood plates. The fibers in it are arranged crosswise, which makes it possible to use it for construction work. It can be simple, three-layer, five-layer and multi-layer. In Russia, plywood is produced from birch and pine. Birch material is softer and lighter in color. It is used more for making furniture. Pine plywood is stronger, suitable for flooring and interior partitions. We have prepared five tips for you to help you choose the right plywood:

  • Standards for thickness. When buying plywood, pay attention to its thickness. For sale, you can find sheets with a thickness of 6 mm and up to 30 mm. Thin sheets are suitable for furniture. For the floor, the options are from 12 mm. For partitions, it is better to take thicker versions.
  • Plywood or chipboard. If you choose between plywood and chipboard (chipboard), it is better to give preference to the first material. On the plywood is better kept screws, it is more moisture resistant, and over time, the shelves do not bend, in contrast to the chipboard. In both cases, glue is used in the production of materials. But in plywood its volume is much smaller. Despite the fact that the cost of the chipboard is lower, the plywood serves longer. Accordingly, plywood is more practical.
  • Plywood and plasterboard. Drywall and plywood are well established in the construction market. Constantly there are disputes from what is better. Everything depends on the tasks. Here are a few arguments in favor of plywood. In comparison with gypsum cardboard it is more durable and environmentally friendly. Drywall is a fragile material. It consists of 90% of gypsum and about 5% of cardboard in it. Options for painting or pasting walls with plasterboard are larger, but the plywood has a pleasant texture.
  • About water resistance.Some people have doubts about the water resistance of plywood, so they are afraid to use it. Note that the material is divided into three types according to its resistance to water: FC is a simple plywood glued with urea resin, used in the interior design. FSF - waterproof plywood glued with phenolic resin. It can be used for both interior and exterior decoration. FB - plywood impregnated with bakelite varnish. Such plywood is not afraid of hot climate, sea water or aggressive environment. Most often it is used in saunas and baths.
  • Paint untreated plywood to extendterm of its service. If you like the natural color of the material, cover it with varnish. And if you paint the plywood with a stain, then you will be able to select the structure of the tree.