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27 items from the new spring collection of H & M Home -


Spring is coming! So, very soon we will get hot under the fur rugs and want something thin, fresh and green. New collection of H & M Home is ready to meet all the needs at once

H&M Home designers are human too and they are scarytired of the vagaries of this winter. When the weather changes so suddenly, willy-nilly, you begin to dream of spring, greenery and sun. It is these three ingredients that the new H&M Home collection carries. The jungle is calling

A new collection of textiles from H & M Home - entirely fromNatural fabrics with images of palm trees, zebras, wild monkeys and striped predators. Incidentally, the skins of the latter are also found in the design of caskets and boxes for storage. Metallic shine

Trendy combination of differentshades of metal is typical for the new collection of H & M Home. Copper, yellow gold and steel are present in the decoration of decorative pots, bowls and candlesticks. The subject of all this splendor is in part similar to the already voiced images of the wild forests of Central Africa. Luxury Scandinavia

The third update themselves H & M Home called"Elements of luxury," however, in our opinion, Scandinavian motives are much more obvious here. Judge for yourself - a black and white palette, minimalist forms, a lot of natural textiles and a basket of wire. H & M Home surpassed the whole army of superstars of the world scale - the number of subscribers to "Instagram" of this brand exceeded 12 million.