Organization of space

3 main principles how to equip a narrow entrance hall


The hall area is very important in the apartment, because it isWhat we see in the first place, entering the house. But what if it is too narrow? How to keep it functional and stylish at the same time, we asked interior designers If a person, according to the proverb, is greeted with clothes, then everything about the apartment, perhaps, can be said by looking at the hallway. Unfortunately, in many apartments hallways are not so spacious and wide, but they carry enough functions. What to do to visually expand the space and make it as useful as possible, we asked the professionals.


The peculiarity of the narrow hallway is that the objectsFurniture in it should be not wide, and in an ideal there should be a little. Therefore, the paramount task in arranging a narrow hallway is to understand what items you can not do without. Let's figure out what generally should be in the hallway and from what we can refuse:

  • The shoe. Can be replaced by a shelf with a grate.
  • A bench or an ottoman for sitting. Can be a narrow or folding bench.
  • Hanger for outer clothing. If the apartment has a dressing room, the closet in the hallway can be neglected, leaving an open coat rack for a pair of jackets.
  • Mirror in full growth. To save space, it can be fixed on the entrance door or one of the interior doors.
  • A bedside table for small items. Think about how much you need this thing, perhaps you decide to do with a small shelf at the entrance, where the keys and various trifles will lie.
  • Accessories, like umbrellas. They do not take up much space, so it's up to you to leave them or not.

As you can see, donate someObjects that were originally planned in the hallway, can be very simple. In addition, the main task is to preserve cleanliness and order here. Do not be afraid to throw away old things or, if they are dear to you, to take them far away to the mezzanine! Pay special attention to wall and floor decoration.Choose materials that are strong and durable: linoleum, ceramic tiles, vinyl wallpaper. Also, be sure to install all interior doors leading from the hallway in the same style. To visually unite the space, the doors can be painted in the color of the walls in the hallway and hidden doors can be installed without platbands. Elena Krylova, interior designer: - It must be remembered that according to the rules of ergonomics, the minimum width of the passage in the hallway should be 80 cm. Therefore, in a narrow hallway, the wardrobe will take up too much space. It should be decorated with separate shallow pieces of furniture: a hanger, a bedside table, a shelf, a mirror. If it is difficult to refuse a cabinet, make it with sliding doors, but not with swing doors! Think about your routes. When installing interior items in the hallway, do not place them in the path of movement between rooms. The most optimal thing is to arrange everything along one wall.

Visual extension

To make a narrow hallway visually wider,designers advise adding reflective surfaces or mirrors. Light is no less important - it is able not only to expand the space, but also to correct its layout and shape. The best option for lighting the hallway are recessed spotlights. If your hallway is long and narrow, switches must be installed not only to the side of the front door, but also from the side of the room, so that you do not have to go through the corridor. Also, designers recommend using drawings and prints: vertical stripes make the room visually slightly higher, and horizontal stripes wider. Olga Valle, interior designer: - Any narrow space can be visually expanded with mirrors. Therefore, a simple and effective solution is to make one of the walls mirrored. Another solution for a narrow hallway is a full depth wardrobe. I recommend placing the hangers in the closet parallel to the wall, then the depth of the closet can be made 30-35 cm. I also advise you to look at the open designer hangers, which will not only be functional, but also become an additional decoration of the interior. In our projects, we often use solutions that allow us to abandon unnecessary bedside tables and shelves.


When all the work is done, do not forget to think aboutdecor of your hallway. First, if you have a long corridor, place an interesting object at the end: a painting, a large armchair, a decorative panel. Secondly, the walls of the hallway should not be empty. They can be decorated with both bright colors and drawings using various stencils. An interesting solution would be to use slate paint or create a magnetic board on one of the walls. Also the long and narrow hallway is a great place for your family gallery. It can be both large canvases and a composition of small photo frames. If you add a little creativity to the design of the hallway, given all its functionality, it will take on a completely new look!,,