Design and Decor

3 simple ways to decorate empty walls

You used to be minimal, but nowThe apartment seems empty? Do you think that the interior lacks the details, but do not want to overload it with extra furniture? There is an exit! Especially for you we have prepared some great ideas! There are many simple ways to lightly refresh the interior or, conversely, change it beyond recognition and at the same time do without major repairs. For example, decorate the walls. You can place on them collages from photographs or souvenirs, hang pictures and posters, but that's not all! Before you are simple ways of decorating the walls, thanks to which the room will be transformed!


Mirror, perhaps the most interesting from the point of viewView of design element. It's no secret that with the help of mirrors you can visually expand the space or provide additional lighting to the room. But do not just use these functions. Different shapes will help create an interesting composition. Do not be afraid to use frames of different textures or experiment with color. In addition, you can safely do without frames! Our opinion: - Mirrors can also be used as a ceiling cover. This reception will give the room a solemnity and visually make it almost endless!

Hobby and creativity

Another interesting option for decorationEmpty walls - devote her space to a demonstration of her hobby. Surely your hobbies are also a matter of pride. There is no need for ethnic plates or collectible musical instruments to hide in the closet. Imagine that a wall is a canvas that is waitingBrushes and paints. Having shown a little imagination, an empty boring corner can be turned into the center of the apartment, capable of chocking the sights of all guests! In creating a unique interior, there is always a place for creativity!

With advantage

Empty wall space can be profitableuse. For example, place on it vases with flowers, freeing the window sill. Or hang, where you can endlessly write down pleasant little things. Well, unusual shelves for storage will always come in handy and save space. Our opinion: - It is not necessary to limit yourself to a small space slate. A special slate paint can paint the entire wall and paint it with colored crayons. This is a practical and inexpensive way to create your own, unique interior!